The now-famous oriental skincare program looked prefer a kecenderungan when it an initial showed up in America. Now that the products have earned anda own nook in retailers prefer Ulta, Sephora and even drugstores prefer CVS, they’re here to stay. And as a self-identifying K-beauty addict, i am every for it.

Despite the clamor over oriental products, there’s one element to this style of skincare that either turns orang off or lamp them up prefer a Christmas tree. It’s called the 10-step oriental skincare routine, and also it suku to the means products room layered top top the skin. The inspires fierce devotion in some, and also Reddit’s oriental Beauty below is lit up v discussions of which commodities rank “holy grail” status. In the other camp, you have actually publications prefer the Wall jalan Journal call the skincare regimen “exhausting.”

Regardless of what camp you’re in, the 10-step program is a hallmark of oriental beauty, but what many don’t understand is that that mageri of measures is an extremely flexible – and also it will change not only relying on your skin type but juga the seasons. I’ll walk you with each that the steps in this feature, explaining what they do, why they’re important, and if castle will boost your skin. It might mean you spend 10 minutes in the bathroom in the morning or at night, however if friend can’t spare 10 minutes because that yourself, we require to kembali up come a lesson on self-care first.

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What is the 10-step oriental skincare routine?

These space the 10 actions as frequently recommended by oriental beauty retailers and also influencers.


Korean skin treatment steps

1. Dual cleanse

The first step of the korean skincare program is to to wash your face twice: when with oil, once with a foaming cleanser. Why? due to the fact that each kind of cleanser it s okay a berbeda type the crud off her face. Ketika oily skin tipe may be balking at the idea that washing through oil, it’s actually extremely effective against oil-based impurities choose SPF, sebum, and also pollutants. It’s no as great against sweat and also dirt, though, which is whereby the 2nd cleanse come in.

Another thing that oriental beauty swears by is facial massage (in fact, it’s renowned throughout many oriental countries). Acquisition a couple of minutes come massage your confront will stimulate the surface of the skin, prepare it because that the assets you’re around to apply. It juga drains lymphatic glands in her face and also neck that can reason puffiness. It’s finest to splash your cleansers off through lukewarm water fairly than warm as the surface ar of the skin is sensitive and also hot water have the right to dry that out. Treat it with the utmost care, and also you’ll notification it bekerja untuk a difference.

When you gain to your second cleanser, another rule you might not have actually heard of before now applies: inspect outlow pH products. How deserve to you tell if a cleanser is low pH? Well, if it’s super foamy, it more than likely isn’t. Once companies like good old Clearasil cite “pH balance,” it’s talking around that sweet point out on the pH range where ours skin naturally falls in between 4.2 and 5.6. Head phia băc of that, and skin grows more alkaline, or south, and also it gets as well acidic. The results of that include skin irritation, acne, blotches and also more. If your challenge feels as well tight after ~ you to wash it, that’s not a clean feeling––that means your cleanser’s pH is too high.

For our recommendations on the best cleansers for the job, walk here.


In America, us associate words toner through an astringent intended to wipe even an ext gunk off our faces, stripping our skin. In the korean skincare routine, toners space the the opposite of that. They are frequently a slim layer the moisture expected to regulate your pH and also soften your skin, preparing it for the actions that will certainly follow.

Korean toners come in many varieties, from slim to viscous. Friend can juga include aktif ingredients prefer AHA and BHA in her toners if you’d like more intense results against aging, acne kerusakan and fine lines. Typically, oriental toners space packed penuh of botanical ingredients the address comparable concerns. You can apply them with your milik and pat right into the skin, or use with a cotton bola or pad. But darimana your skin reaction happily come the touch of heat hands, we favor to opt for the former whenever we can.

How carry out you know which one is best for you? We’ve got a treatise on that, and also we’d love if you offered it a read.

3. Essence


One the the keys to the glowy results of a reguler Korean skincare regime is layering products. Rather than relying on one thick cream to do all the work, the oriental skincare approach advocates layering commodities to enable the skin to breathe and also avoid clogging the pores. Therefore if girlfriend think of your toner as the an initial layer the moisture, think of an significance as the second. These assets are typically also thinner in texture, and some even feel watery. They permeate the skin in ~ a deeper tingkat and assist the absorption of the commodities to come.

If friend aren’t certain where to start with essences, us recommend you check out our overview to essences ideal here. The splits them up by skin form so girlfriend know exactly which one is appropriate for you!

4. Emulsion


Another class of moisture, you say? Yes. If you desire “glass skin,” you need to work for it. That way drinking tons of H2O, exercising and also eating well, and also spending much more than 30 secs on her skincare routine. If friend think that’s as well long, don’t complain come us when you get another terrible breakout!

The emulsion great is often just a bit an ext viscous 보다 the vault layers, starting to construct the richness and sheen we space going for in the final result. Much like the prior layers, these assets are often packed through botanical extracts and also other power-packed ingredients. However, some skin types may need an ext moisture than others. If you room an oily skin type, because that instance, law an emulsion layer can make you feeling greasy. For super dried types, us can never get sufficient layers! The best means to decide if this action will job-related for you is to obtain to know your own skin. Luckily, the more hands-on time you have with it during your routine, the simpler that becomes.

If girlfriend need membantu buying an emulsion, never fear––we have a penuh guide coming soon! In the meantime, the Moistfull Collagen Emulsion indigenous Etude residence is a an excellent one for a beginner. It’ll make her skin look super plump and also hydrated, i m sorry is amazing in ours book.

5. Serum/ampoule


Here we are on step five (or six, if you counting the dual cleanse together two). Emotion overwhelmed yet? If so, this is a perfect time to tension that also though the oriental beauty regimen is well known for having 10 steps, there’s nothing wrong through doing less. Commonly serums and ampoules come lanjut in the lineup, yet if girlfriend feel your skin has had enough, feel cost-free to skip them. Maafkan saya I’m informing you may be blasphemous to some converts of korean beauty, yet as I said before, only you know maafkan saya works finest for your face.

That said, both serums and ampoules room highly focused products. Ampoules room presented as a souped-up version of a serous by part companies. But as vlogger The Beauty failure says in her video clip below, these assets are kind of … the same. A huge blast of intense moisture, a thicker texture, and also an possibility to add an ext juicy kindness to her skin. Use it if you destruction the effects. If you’re trying because that the glowy look Koreans panggilan “chok chok,” don’t skip this step. Review our penuh guide on serums here.

6. Sheet mask


Easily the best-known product in this lineup, sheet masks have akan so common that they’re basic to find just about anywhere. I’ve also seen them at the dolar store. If you deserve to afford it, though, you’ll want to spend much more than a buck on a mask. This usually untuk mengambil 15-20 minutes and also can be excellent as generally or infrequently together you like. My favorite waktu to usage them are sebelum and after aircraft rides (as the pressurized waiting in the cabin dries the gudang di bawah tanah out of your skin), ~ a lengthy day in the sun, or sebelum a spesial event.

Sheet masks are generally soaked in serum, therefore yep … lagi layer. The juicer ones have so lot that it’ll be every pooled up in ~ the bottom the the package. I choose to usage this on mine décolletéand arms. It’s pack with good ingredients, so no allude in wasting it. One word to the wise: all sheet masks are not make alike! The ideal ones stay moist for the penuh wear time or an ext (more on this below in our sheet masks guide).

If you’d prefer a overview to what sheet masks to buy, we have two! Our height 20 paper masks have the right to be found di sini and our optimal sheet masks because that oily skin have the right to be found here.

7. Eye cream


Eye cream is not distinctive to the korean skincare routine, but it is one of the hardest products to repeatedly use due to the fact that it’s more a preventative product if you’re under the age of 40. It’s designed to moisturize the ultra-thin skin approximately your eyes whereby crow’s kaki and good lines are bound come appear. However, if you use eye cream regularly before they present up, you’ll view a significant difference in how old you look (or in this case, how young!).

Also, most people that use eye cream space doing the wrong. Using the ring finger and gently tapping is the best method as it uses the correct amount of pressure rather 보다 your table of contents finger, i m sorry is bound to push harder sejak it’s used more often. The skin approximately the eyes really is that sensitive! It also dries out easily, so layering her eye cream in dingin months is not a poor idea either. One trend among celebrities in south Korea is to wear eye cream as a night moisturizer anywhere the face. But darimana they likely have bigger bankrolls than we do, we could leave that for special occasions.

Check the end our inside wall of the finest Korean eye creams here.



After every these layers, a thick layer that cream need to sound a little crazy. Much more moisture, still? probably not for anyone (I know some friends that sheet mask as anda final step). Yet in the classic Korean beauty beauty 10-step routine, you use a cream (also recognized as one occlusive layer) to seal in every the layers before it. Think of it as making a fragrant stew and also putting the lid ~ above the pot. It enables the fragrances and also flavors within to mingle and also absorb, i m sorry is a lot like maafkan saya all the luscious ingredients you layered space doing in your epidermis once you add a moisturizer.

Much like American creams, oriental moisturizers come in a wide variety of textures and also thicknesses. It deserve to be daunting to find one for oily skin types, together they regularly struggle with clogged pores. Yet it is possible! sejak you have done so lot work on the previous measures of her routine, a slim layer is every you require to end up it up.

Need part recs? examine out our guide to moisturizers here.

9.Sunscreen (AM step)

Most the us were taught as kids that we had actually to wear sunscreen as soon as we saw the beach. Unfortunately, we weren’t teach that we should juga wear sunscreen pretty much every work (yes, UV rays deserve to reach you within too). Asian sunscreens juga have a utama advantage over paling U.S.-produced ones: the PA system. Originally emerged in Japan, it’s a peringkat system a lot favor SPF. The distinction is that commodities scored v it protect you native both UVA and also UVB rays––something many commodities in the USA execute not offer. And trust us, the sunscreen in your makeup isn’t enough. You must reapply every two to three hours, too. Sorry, ns don’t make the rules.


Not certain where come begin? inspect out our substantial guide to oriental sunscreens here.

10. Sleeping masks (PM step)


So you’ve slathered your confront with every these layers, and you’re starting to feel favor a cake. I obtain it. But since your tubuh goes right into mega repair mode at night, it’s a good time to membantu with the process by penampilan a sleeping mask. Think of it favor a night cream, or a spesial treatment. It’s just an extra class of moisture, however often sleeping masks room designed to work ketika your tubuh manusia is in ~ rest.


I find a lot of sleeping masks in the oriental beauty market prefer to focus on packaging or scent over really results. However, I have actually tested quite a few, and I have the right to vouch forSulwhasoo’s Overnight Revitalizing Treatment. It’s not cheap in ~ $40, but it is really effective if you want to wake up looking like you’re 20 again. I am a big fan of that.

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