around If i Ain"t got You

"If ns Ain"t gained You" is a track by American singer-songwriter Alicia tricks from her second studio album The diary of Alicia secrets (2003). Influenced by the 2001 fatality of singer Aaliyah, the terror September 11 attacks, and also other events in the dunia and in Keys" life, the tune is around "how material things don"t feed the soul." The solitary cover depicts Keys an in similar way to the subject of guy Ray"s 1924 paint Le Violon d"Ingres. Exit in February 2004 as the album"s 2nd single, "If ns Ain"t acquired You" peaked at mageri four ~ above the us Billboard warm 100 and also became Keys" second consecutive R&B chart-topper, continuing to be atop the the hot R&B/Hip-Hop songs chart for six weeks. The song got two nominations at the 2005 Grammy Awards, for song of the tahun and best Female R&B Vocal Performance, win in the latter. A remix featuring Usher, a Kanye west Radio Mix, and a Spanish-language version featuring Arturo Sandoval appear on the krim CD of select international pressings that The diary of Alicia Keys.more »

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Some setiap orang live because that the fortuneSome rakyat live hanya for the fameSome rakyat live because that the power, yeahSome setiap orang live hanya to bermain the gameSome rakyat think the the physics things mendefinisikan what"s withinAnd I"ve been there before, and that life"s a boreSo sepenuhnya of the superficialSome orang want that allBut ns don"t want nothing in ~ allIf it ain"t you, babyIf ns ain"t acquired you, babySome setiap orang want diamond ringsSome hanya want everythingBut everything way nothingIf i ain"t gained you, yeahSome setiap orang search because that a fountainThat promises forever young (you know)Some orang need 3 dozen rosesAnd that"s the only way to prove girlfriend love themHand me the dunia on a perak platterAnd maafkan saya good would certainly it beWith nobody to share, through no one who truly cares for meSome people want it allBut ns don"t want nothing in ~ allIf the ain"t you, babyIf i ain"t gained you, babySome people want diamond ringsSome hanya want everythingBut everything way nothingIf i ain"t obtained you, you, youSome orang want the allBut ns don"t desire nothing in ~ allIf that ain"t you, babyIf i ain"t gained you, babySome orang want diamond ringsSome just want everythingBut everything method nothingIf i ain"t acquired you, yeahIf ns ain"t acquired you v me, baby, oh, oohSaid nothing in this entirety wide world don"t median a thingIf ns ain"t got you with me, baby

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Alicia keys Alicia Augello chef (born januari 25, 1981), known by her stage name Alicia Keys, is an American R&B singer-songwriter, record producer and actress. She attended expert Performing arts School and graduated in ~ 16 as valedictorian.

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Keys released her debut album through J Records, having had actually previous document deals an initial with Columbia and kemudian Arista Records. More »