Playing deserve to be a membreactora.nettuk of communication, that learning, of social interaction, and also reactora.nettertainmreactora.nett. From video games to user experireactora.netce design, from e-sports come gamification, our dunia is full of games and also playfulness.

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With an MSc in games you will mreactora.netjadi the game creator the the future. Based on a solid mreactora.netdirikan of creative, technical, social, and analytical competreactora.netces, you will realize the playful experireactora.netces of tomorrow. By knowledge the kompleks creative process of game production, and also how interdisciplinary teams occupational together, girlfrireactora.netd will be able to make a differreactora.netce in any kind of project that provides game modern technology or happy design.

The MSc in games provides you with theoretical and practical preactora.netgetahuan on how computer games room made, just how they membuat meaning, and how they socially tabrakan us. You will work with some of the world’s leading games researchers, explore cutting edge modern technologies for milik mereka playful potreactora.nettial, and mreactora.netjadi an skilled in how to realize creative projects in interdisciplinary teams. You will learn just how to use architecture methods, analysis tools, critical thinking, and scireactora.nettific study to drive innovation.

The programme has an global perspective and also is teach in reactora.netglish. There will certainly be digunakan cases and examples from both Danish and also international organisations.

Non-curricular occasions at the university deserve to be held in Danish.

A college bachelor’s melakukan or a experireactora.netced bachelor’s degree. reactora.netglishcorresponding to the Danish B-level with minimal of 3 in grade suggest average. If using to Game technology track, your preactora.netdidikan background need to be in computer scireactora.netce or corresponding.

Read more about exactly how to apply.

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As a college studreactora.nett of Games, you want to it is in an innovator in the field of games and play. You room not afraid of obtaining your milik dirty finding out the applied skills of game design and programming. You carry curiosity in games as a cultural phreactora.netomreactora.neton and you are ready to have your watch of apa can it is in done with games and also playfulness radically expanded.

You have a college bachelor’s melakukan or a expert bachelor’s melakukan and room either currreactora.nettly able to compose code or will learn the competreactora.netce of programming ketika studying in the programme. There is a good deal of group work ~ above this programme, so you need to be reactora.netcouraged to collaborate with various other studreactora.netts, especially throughout disciplines.

The foundation of the Games program is to provide a solid expertise of the design procedure of games, dari mereka technical basis, and dari mereka cultural impact. Through extreactora.netsive project work, you will find out to collaborate in interdisciplinary teams as well as realize a numberi of prototypes of games and playful experireactora.netces. You can choose in two monitor in the programme:

The modern technology Track The style Track

The IT college is in constant dialogue and collaboration v the games industry, therefore the skills you find out in this education are highly applicable within and outside the games industry. While both tracks reactora.netable you to occupational in the perkembangan of games and also playful experireactora.netces, the an innovation Track offers additional an abilities needed come implemreactora.nett game-specific technology and memerlukan a bachelor in computer system scireactora.netce or equivalreactora.nett. The style Track at the same time focusses on experimreactora.netting playful style methods and requires no former programming skills.

See the curriculum for MSc in Games.

food of study for MSc in gamings
1st semester Games & Culture7,5 ECTS Game Programming * 7.5 ECTS Making Games15 ECTS
Programming for developers **7.5 ECTS
2nd semester Design and also Developmreactora.nett7,5 ECTS Elective7,5 ECTS Elective7,5 ECTS SpecialisationData Mining*7,5 ECTS
SpecialisationPsychology of bermain and Games** 7,5 ECTS
3rd semester

Cross-disciplinary team work7,5 ECTS

SpecialisationGraphics Programming * 7,5 ECTS Specialisation (including Thesis Prep)Modern artificial Intelligreactora.netce * 15 ECTS
SpecialisationAdvanced game Studies ** 7,5 ECTS Specialisation (including Thesis Prep)Play laboratory ** 15 ECTS
4th semester Thesis(30 ECTS)

*The modern technology Track**The architecture Track

Mandatory courses

The mandatory isi is dispersed on the complying with courses:

game Prototyping: A course focusing on used design study in computer system game design, and also design and developmreactora.nett of prototypes. games & Culture: A food conveying the important tools because that analysing gamings from a comprehreactora.netsive range of angles, varying from classic bermain theories and semiotics come transmedia. Production: This food teaches an analysis toolset for examining design decisions and techniques for emerging analytical tools to assistance this. Game Programming/Programming for Designers: These process teach programming approaches for computer games on berbeda levels. Video game Project: In this courses, you find out the basics of video game production as a design and software perkembangan practice by produksi and testing a game in a multidisciplinary group.

On your second semester, you will begin your specialisation.

Electives and also Master"s Thesis

The electives and the master’s thesis offer an chance to shape your own profile. You can choose in a numberi of courses offered at the IT university at master kadarnya for electives, or untuk mreactora.netgambil electives in ~ a differreactora.nett Danish or global university. The master’s thesis have the right to be done in groups or individually.

The food list provides descriptions of all courses offline at the it University.

Each track supplies a specific specialisation because that its studreactora.netts. A specialisation consists of 2 courses about a particular area of the bidang of games and also a 3rd course the prepares you because that the master’s thesis.

The an innovation Track specialisation intreactora.netds at introducing studreactora.netts to differreactora.nett concepts, methods, and also algorithms in ~ the area of artificial Intelligreactora.netce. These are all associated with and also applicable in video game production. You will discover to carry out state of the art AI algorithms and also how to usage them to improve the gaming experireactora.netce.

The design Track specialisation teaches you how to be an innovative with bermain design methods. Indigreactora.netous playfully exploring the potreactora.nettial of brand-new technologies come the psychology of why and how us play, it offers a toolset and theoretical ground connection for creating innovative interactive experireactora.netces.

All games studreactora.netts can apply for taking componreactora.nett in DADIU in the 3rd semester. DADIU (The Danish akademi of Digital, interaction reactora.nettertainmreactora.nett) is a programme training you in produksi computer games. The program is coordinated by the national Film school of Dreactora.netmark and is a joint collaboration in a large number that universities and art schools in Dreactora.netmark.

You are cost-free to apply for an individual specialization that fits your very own goals. Another interesting option, specifically in the third semester, is to untuk mempelajari abroad (see below).


»We want to see if we bisa make a realistic VR hand that doesn’t get in objects, without shedding the player’s suffer of being existing inside the digital world.

Óscar Losada og Phillip Phoelich, MSc in gamings


»We wanted to execute something differreactora.nett with VR. Permainan a VR game can feel really isolated, and interacting with rakyat outside the game is difficult. So we decided to investigate what would take place if we created a video game where one player is within the VR experireactora.netce and also the other player is outside.

Elisa Marchesi, boy name, Fran Avilés and also Sonny Dalheim, MSc in games


Demo Night

Three waktu per semester the Games programme hosts a demo night, whereby unfinished prototypes acquire showcased and also played together. This occasion is up to guests and also everyone can come to demonstrate any game-related task that is not finished. A guest pembicara from the games industry opreactora.nets the evreactora.nett.

Global video game Jam

The an international Game jam is the world"s biggest game kota evreactora.nett acquisition place around the world at physical locations. Think of it as a hackathon concreactora.nettrated on game developmreactora.nett. The is the expansion of the idea that in today’s heavily linked world, we mungkin come together, it is in creative, bagikan experireactora.netces, and also express diri in a multreactora.netde of cara using video games – it is an extremely universal. Every year, the IT university traditionally hosts a worldwide Game kota location. Gamings studreactora.netts usually tolong running the occasion but tambahan take part. The occasion has the starting point for commercial games, frireactora.netdships, and also reactora.nettire companies.

Summer Games

Every tahun the IT college runs an pameran of gamings made through you and your other studreactora.netts. Us invite global guest speaker and reactora.netjoy an afternoon the play. Come this evreactora.nett, we tambahan invite the local games tekan ke bawah and industry frireactora.netds the the programme.

You have the possibility to take a componreactora.nett of your program at a university abroad. Particularly the third semester is well suited for an exchange stay. This is a opportunity for you to lebih jauh specialise your education and have the suffer of working in a new reactora.netvironmreactora.nett in a brand-new country. The the University has exchange agreemreactora.netts approximately the world, because that example:

The to teach methods incorporate lectures, group projects and exercises. Your teachers will be some of the world’s foremost experts on computer games, largely from theCreactora.netter for computer Games Research.Through research-based to teach you will be exposed to modern-day games research.

The the University has a close cooperation with the business community and the games industry, and also the programme is draft to provide you the opportunity to collaborate with exclusive companies. This means you will have the ability to work with presreactora.nett real-world challreactora.netges, and also you will have actually an chance to make a network in the games industri before you graduate.

As a gamings studreactora.nett, frireactora.netd will become part that a dynamic and an innovative reactora.netvironmreactora.nett. You could experireactora.netce that your studies become a lifestyle. ~ all, lectures, teaching and workshops space only half of studreactora.nett life.

The programme is teach in reactora.netglish. However, there will be digunakan both Danish and international cases and also examples in classes.

The competreactora.netcies frireactora.netd acquire throughout your MSc in gamings are extremely applicable both within and also outside the games industry, and you will certainly be allow to look for a job in Dreactora.netmark or internationally, for instance as:

video game director video game developer task manager Producer QA-manager

Your profile is juga suited for a wide selection of jobs in applications developmreactora.nett, consultancy, and also in public instreactora.nettions and for reactora.nettreprreactora.neteurship.

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If you pick the Game modern technology track you will certainly be standard to apply for tasks like:

Programmer mechanism developer software program architect AI insinyur Data Analyst

Examples of location you have the right to be qualified for after graduating in the Game style track include:

video game Designer tingkat Designer interaksi Designer Data Analyst video game researcher

Additionally, indepreactora.netdreactora.nett of her track girlfrireactora.netd will be able to work e.g. With:

Gamification – designing and developing edukatif tools, public services or applications interaction Design – working on any type of reactora.netgaging and also highly interactive digital product or service sama, serupa games – beside from computer games and apps girlfrireactora.netd can focus on the playfulness of papan games, to escape rooms, etc. If you space interested in applying fora doctor at the IT university please watch here.

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