The service Provider program is draft for service providers interested in offering service to to apologize customers, whether they are consumers, businesses, educational institutions or federal government organizations. Authorized to apologize Resellers and businesses the specialise in service, but do not resell finished ns products, are both maybe to apply for company Provider authorization.

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Universities and colleges may apply for business Provider authorization to supply repair services to milik mereka students. Every repairs covered di bawah warranty need to be performed by technicians.

What space the requirements?

Business requirements

Organizations using for Authorized business Provider status are forced to have remained in operation because that a reasonable period, with audited financial records accessible for formulir penilaian by A credit transaction line is required and also must be agreed v the to apologize Finance team in the sesuai region. The company should proactively promote the apologize brand as part of dari mereka business along with reactora.netCare service and also products.

Operational requirements

Authorized service Providers are forced to fulfill’s standards at all times with regard to organization levels, certification the technicians and accessibility of business to customers. regular audits and also reviews Authorized service Providers to ensure these high criter are repeatedly met.’s repair tools, training, organization guides, and also diagnostics must be maintained confidential.


The company must maintain a advertisement walk-in business location with committed service personnel in an easily available location. The premises must incorporate a clean and presentable agree area because that customers who call for a walk-in service, and also a certain workshop area because that repairs, storage of parts and incoming devices for repair. A perumahan address is not acceptable as an authorized service location.

Technical Certification

Authorized service Providers are required to use Certified Technicians when repairing products.

Becoming certified to repair products requires lulus exams through an digital Authorized trial and error Center. Certifications are updated ~ above a every product pokok annually.The certification test fees room waived because that businesses that have been authorized to it is in an Authorized company Provider.

Detailed information about Certifications preparatory courses and also exams have the right to be uncovered here.

To Apply

Please submit an email to aasp_application
providing every one of the info below:

Legal service name (Inc. DBA if applicable) di bawah which the company conducts that is operations

Principal/ownerLocation address(es) (note: melakukan not accept residence offices or PO Boxes)Location phone call numberYour business domain email addressYour service websitePrevious suffer or background with as a business Provider or Reseller

Notes will certainly not think about applications that perform not fulfill the program requirements.Meeting programme requirements does not insurance acceptance into the reserves the right to reject any kind of application there is no comment.

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