After a two week break, Solo Leveling bab 156 will be releasing now for all the pan to read.

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Meanwhile, Seoul is prepare his hardest come prepare for the chaos that’s going to erupt in the roads of south Korea and also hunters from anywhere the world have gathered over there to stop it indigenous happening.

Top tingkat hunters favor Thomas andre and Lennart Niermann are present there. So it need to be simple raid, but don’t forget the its an S-rank gate and also these two can’t manage it alone. Therefore they need Jin-Woo because that sure.

But as soon as will Jin-Woo return from his date with Cha Hae-In? There are still two hari before the gate opens, therefore they for sure have some time to invest alone far from everyone.

The queens are gunning for Jin-Woo and also they room going to do a move very soon, or probably they have currently done and also we will obtain to see in the upcoming hal of Solo Leveling manhwa.

Solo Leveling chapter 156 life Scans

The break is finally over and also today is the day we obtain to check out the raw scans and english chapter.

The Solo Leveling 156 raw scans will be published on 1st July 2021 for everyone to read on the Kakaopage website. The website is cost-free to use yet you need to membuat an account there if you want to access all the chapters.

It takes roughly 3-4 hours to translate the chapter and when the scanlation team is done, we acquire to check out the bahasa inggris Chapter.

Kingdom halaman 683 will juga be released this week, therefore don’t forget to examine it out.

Solo Leveling 156 English chapter Release Time

The new melepaskan date after ~ the break because that Solo Leveling halaman 156 is out and also it will certainly be released on 1st July 2021 follow to resmi sources top top Twitter.

Here’s once you can read the Solo Leveling chapter 156 in english all about the world. Since there is no secara resmi website to review it, we recommend checking the Solo Leveling subreddit.

Eastern Time- 12 PM- 4 PMCentral Time- 10 AM- 2 PMBritish Time- 3 PM- 7 PMAsian Time- 8 PM- 11:30 PM

Hunter Cha Haein living the end our dreams in today’s bab #SoloLeveling

— Bella ❥ cr: Tower the God (

Solo Leveling Manhwa 156 english Spoilers

Spoiler alert for everyone that doesn’t great to review anything around the upcoming chapter sebelum the secara resmi release.

So what is walking to occur next? as soon as will Jin-Woo return with Cha Hae-In? Keep analysis to discover all that!

It’s tho two days to go before the S-rank door opens and also the horde of monsters come out. Hunters from all over the world are making their way to Seoul and with Thomas andre and Lennart Niermann already present there, everyone is emotion at peace.

With Jin-Woo and these two hunters in ~ the front, there is no way this S-rank gate cannot be contained. But will the be the easy?

While all the hunters gather in the city, Woo Jin-Cheol and Yu Jin-Ho space worried since they can’t get in call with Jin-Woo together without them, this S-rank gate will ini adalah impossible come hold.

But even sebelum the S-rank door opens, a strange character shows up in the roads of Seoul and also in no means is this a friendly character. As he arrives, the starts membunuh off the hunters top top the jalan and his tubuh gets spanned in blood.

Lennart Niermann appears at the scene and even despite he is a high kadarnya hunter, also he it s okay nervous see the beast in prior of him. It’s no something he can fight alone. This is once he feeling a hand ~ above his shoulders, it’s none other than thomas Andre.

Even a peak rated hunter like Lennart started feeling senang seeing Thomas andre arrive together backup. Thomas andre and the beast get face to face and it’s the awal of a large fight.

The beast bares his fangs at Thomas and also gets prepared to attack. Thomas transforms into the beast the is and we see his chest and also shoulders triple in size flowing through overwhelming through power.

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But will this it is in enough? Or will he require Jin-Woo’s membantu finishing the beast?

Only the upcoming Solo Leveling 156 English chapter will show apa happens next. So us don’t desire to damn anymore and want you every to wait for the resmi release. So remain tuned and also keep visiting recent Highlights because that the best mesh news.

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