This article provides a step-by-step guide to just how to create an HTML document, including items kemudian as typing text and including images and hyperlinks to your HTML document.

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Create her HTML Document

Use one of the complying with two techniques to create your brand-new HTML document.

Method 1

Start Word.

In the New file task pane, click empty Web page under New.

On the file menu, click Save.NOTE: The conserve as type box defaults to Web page (*.htm; *.html).

In the document name box, form the document name the you desire for her document, and kemudian click Save.

Method 2

Start Word.

Create a new blank document.

On the paper menu, click save as internet Page.

In the record name box, form the file name the you desire for her document, and kemudian click Save.

Add Text and Hyperlinks to your HTML Document

Open the HTML document that you created earlier in this article. To perform this, follow this steps:

On the paper menu, click Open.

Browse come the location that you conserved your post to, in the "Create her HTML Document" ar of this article.

Select the file and kemudian click Open.

Type the complying with text into the document:

You can use native to membuat HTML documents as quickly as friend can create normal word documents.

To membuat a hyperlink, select the words " Word" in the text that friend typed.

On the Insert menu, click Hyperlink.

In the Insert Hyperlink dialog box, type in the attend to box, and kemudian click OK.

Save your changes to the document.

Add photo to your HTML Document

Place your insertion suggest where you desire to place photo in her document.

On the Insert menu, suggest to Picture, and kemudian click ClipArt.

In the Insert ClipArt task pane, click Search.NOTE: If friend click search without keying anything into the mencari Text box, the mencari result will display all of the currently obtainable images on your system.

In the outcomes section, pick the picture that you desire to insert into the page.

Save your transforms and then close the document.

Open an HTML document in Word

Do one of the following.If the New paper task pane is tho displayed:In the New paper task pane, choose the document under Open a document. This opens up the document directly.-or- If the New paper task pane is not displayed:

On the record menu, click Open.

In the Open dialog box, find the HTML document that you developed earlier, and kemudian select it.

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Click Open.


For more information around HTML assistance in indigenous 2002, follow these steps: