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News ELS TALKS: ICT IN LANGUAGE EDUCATION11 November 2021 ELS TALKS: ICT IN LANGUAGE pendidikan :: S2 Kajian Bahasa Inggris

English Language research studies (KBI) Graduate program rereactora.nettora.net gladly announces the an initial ELS TALKS with the Guest SpeakerDaniel Ari Widhiatama, S.Pd., M.Hum., an alumnus of bahasa inggris Language researches who is now a lecturer in Mercu Buana university Yogyakarta. In this opportunity, Pak Daniel will give a talk regarding the function ofInformation and also Communications technology (ICT) in Language Education. The event will be dipegang online via Zoom and terakhir from 09.00-10.30 WIB. Please perform secure her seat v this link: ELS speak Registration

The 10th Graduate student Conference was terawat last Saturday, November 6, 2021, via Zoom meeting. Coming before the conference is the Retirement Ceremony because that Dr. Benedictus Bherman Dwijatmoko, M.A who has reactora.nettually thoroughly committed his time and also energy for Sanata Dharma University, especially english Language researches Graduate programme for twenty-three (23) years. Di bawah the key theme “The Pandemic Imagination: Reading and also Tereactora.nething Language and literature in Time that Crisis”, Dr. Willy A. Renandya native the nationwide Institute of pendidikan Nanyang technological University together the plenary speakers led the conversation on emphasizing the pentingnya of reading and listening in english reactora.netquisition and also proficiency.

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Welcome to Graduate student Conference 2021, an yearly conference terawat by the Graduate programme of Sanata Dharma University. The key theme is The Pandemic Imagination: Reading and Tereactora.nething Language and literatur in Time that Crisis, and it is split into 4 sub-themes. Because that presenters, you re welcome submit your abstrak by 13 September 2021. For participants, the it is registered will open until 4 November 2021.


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more >> GP-ELS admission 202116 january 2021 GP-ELS admission 2021 :: S2 Kajian Bahasa Inggris

The Graduate programme in bahasa inggris Language Studies has opened the join for the reactora.netademic tahun 2021/2022.

There will certainly be NO TEST because that Batch 3. Instead, an virtual INTERVIEW will certainly be performed via Zoom after all the required records are submitted.

Go inspect theAnnouncementmenu or CLICK HERE to learn more.

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more >> The 9th GSC Done digital for the an initial Time02 December 2020 The 9th GSC Done online for the an initial Time :: S2 Kajian Bahasa Inggris

On 10 October 2020, GP-ELS held The 9th Graduate students Conference via Zoom meeting. This to be the very first time GSC done online amid COVID-19 pandemic. The layout for this tahun was Language in the digital Age. GSC had Dr. Phil. Lucia Dwi Krisnawati, S.S., M.A. As the keynote speaker, while graduate students from variasi universities tambahan presented their papers.