According to the statics, Instagram users upload end 80M photos per day. How numerous pics do you see in your newsfeed? even if you follow a couple of Instagram accounts, periodically you find really good photos and vids that you might want come save. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t carry out a direct method to conserve its content. But don’t worry, there is selalu a means to carry out it. Then review our post and also learn how to conserve Instagram photos and also videos easily.

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How to conserve Instagram videos to her camera roll?

Follow the steps listed below to save Instagram videos to her iPhone camera role in the ideal way:

Step 1. Get InstaSave free app.

Step 2. Copy Instagram video clip link and paste it right into InstaSave.

Step 3. In the preview tab, choose whether you want to download the video or not.

Step 4. Click Download to save the video. Every the ripped videos and pics will go come Camera roll and also will be as well obtainable in the Downloads tab.


As because that the drawbacks, there space at the very least two the them:

ads at the bottom of the display in free version;no batch download mode.

How come copy Instagram videos with IFTTT in 2017?

IFTTT is perfect for itu who have numerous sosial accounts and also want come manage all of them with just one app. There room dozens of features you might use, however the one we require now is automatically Instagram video and picture saving. To cut a long cerita short, as quickly as you put prefer to a clip or a photo, IFTTT will download it to your Dropbox automatically. To execute that, you require to have an account at:

IFTTP;Instagram;Dropbox, Google journey or Evernote in case you don’t choose Dropbox.

Then follow the steps below to copy Instagram videos to her iPhone:

Step 1. connect Instagram and Dropbox to her IFTTT account.

Step 2. select a Recipe, a ready setup for your goal.


Step 3. Click Activate Recipe come download Instagram videos to Dropbox automatically.


How to conserve photos native Instagram ~ above iPhone?

The easiest means to conserve Instagram photos on iphone phone is to ambil a screenshot the it. Follow these steps:

Step 1. untuk mengambil an iPhone screenshot.

Step 2. walk to Photos -> Camera roll and also find your pic.

Step 3. tap Edit in the top right corner.

Step 4. insanity the Cut button and also select a component of the pic you want to keep.

Step 5. tap Done.

This an approach is an excellent when you have to save a pair of pictures, yet it’ll take you too lot time if you have to save let’s say 50 Instagram photos. That’s wherein a an excellent app is your must-have. Over there are plenty of apps you have the right to use for downloading Instagram pics and video. Here are the best ones.

How to download Instagram photos and also videos top top iPad?

Downloading Instagram pics and videos on iPad is no a daunting matter. That course, you deserve to use one of the apps detailed above, yet they might not look good on a huge iPad screen. That’s why it’s far better use an app specially designed because that iPads. Follow the step listed below to save Instagram videos ~ above iPad:

Step 1. Get Flow app.

Step 2. open a pic or video that you want to save and tap three dots at bottom appropriate corner.

Step 3. Choose Save to Camera Roll to download Instagram photos or video.


Flow app also has stylish design and also provides paling of the Instagram features. Friend can inspect your newsfeed, choose photos and also videos of your friends, obtain notifications about new followers and also comments and do whatever you execute in Instagram other than for acquisition photos. One more an excellent feature is that the app lets revolve off video autoplay. It’s very useful once you usage Cellular Data or travel abroad.

How to download Instagram picture & videos on Android?

If you prefer Android come iOS, don’t worry! over there is also a an excellent solution that will certainly let friend download Instagram pictures and videos onto your smartphone. Just follow the steps below to download Instagram photos and also videos ~ above Android:

Step 1. Install Video Downloader app because that Instagram.

Step 2. Copy Instagram photo or video clip link and paste that into video clip Downloader.

Step 3. kemudian tap Download and also wait for a couple of secs till the process is completed.


Unfortunately, there is no batch download setting or any other progressed features. After all, you may mengalihkan these documents to her PC and convert the videos in between formats (e.g., MP4 to AVI).

How come download Instagram photos on PC or Mac?

To download Instagram pictures on your pc or Mac, you have the right to use the same method as on iPhone – ambil a screenshot and cut unnecessary parts with Microsoft Paint. Through MacBook it’ll be also easier, just choose a part of the display screen you should save. Read di sini to learn exactly how to bawa pulang screenshots on MacBook and also PC.

The next way is a bit more complicated and is an excellent for experienced users. Monitor the steps below to save Instagram photos on PC:

Step 1. open up a picture you desire to conserve in her browser.

Step 2. tekan F12 switch to see webpage code.

Step 3. Click Ctrl+F to open search line.

Step 4. kind jpg in search line and also click Enter.

Step 5. Copy the lengthy link you’ll get and also paste it in a new tab.

Step 6. conserve Instagram picture as friend save any kind of other pic from the Internet.

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Although it may seem terrible, it’s not that difficult to extract Instagram photo following these steps. Further, you might burn DVD photograph disc out of her Instagram pics.