DuckDuckGo is an different to both the Google Chrome browser and its mencari engine. Obtainable on most major platforms, the firm estimates 80 million regular users. Us say “the agency estimates” since unlike Google, DDG melakukan not track its users. And also that’s maafkan saya makes that so unique!

If you’re using a cari other 보다 the DuckDuckGo app, you have the right to view her DDG mencari history penampilan the browser history.

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Method 2

If you’d favor to use the DuckDuckGo app instead the the temukan engine top top a browser, girlfriend can. Yet beware, prefer Google’s temukan engine, any type of previous sites that you’ve visited will show up in a different color than those that you’ve left untouched.

Click top top the Tabs icon in the upper right-hand corner.

DuckDuckGo is wonderful resource for digital privacy. But, if you desire to explore more options, we’ve acquired the info you require below!

Incognito Mode

If you’d like to store your temukan history private on DuckDuckGo, or any other site, you deserve to do the following, no matter your choice of browser: usage incognito mode. This is exactly how you usage the incognito mode in Chrome (again digunakan as an example):

Open Chrome on your device.Click on more (three vertical dots).Click on new Incognito Tab.That’s it, you’ve begun browsing incognito, with no tracks of your search history.

The steps can be slightly different for various other browsers, however in essence, incognito mode is the same everywhere, in Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge, etc. There room numerous browser options to select from, but paling people use the persons we hanya mentioned.

Here’s an image you watch the second you beginning incognito setting in Chrome. It defines everything perfectly:


Even despite this mode is neat because it doesn’t keep your looking history, website data, and cookies on her computer, a many of rakyat can still accessibility this information, i.e. Her ISP, employer, school, and also the websites friend visited.

There Is No Privacy

Everything on the net is transparent, and also information is extremely easy come breach. Your best method of protecting her privacy is v a trusted VPN service. DuckDuckGo have the right to be a pretty addition, but on the own, it’s a flimsy shield.

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You can conveniently see your browsing history on DuckDuckGo, the very same as Google. The only difference is, DuckDuckGo won’t store or market your searching data. Apa are your thoughts on the matter? let us recognize in the comments section below.