I work a lot with watercolors and also I"ve tried hanya about everything but recently I"ve take away a terlihat to bottles of fluid watercolors. I think liquid watercolors are often linked with kids and classroom projects yet I love having bottles of shade on hand because that bigger and messy watercolors projects.

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There space all kinds of berbeda brands but I prefer the 8oz party ofBlick liquid Watercolors. They room affordable and also offer a selection of yes, really beautiful saturated color.
The cool thing about liquid watercolors is that you deserve to use them directly from the bottle (really saturated) or you have the right to water them down. Girlfriend can also mix increase your own colors. Maafkan saya I love paling about castle is that they are much less complicated to use with larger surfaces and also messy blended media techniques. Instead of being limited to kecil pan of color or tiny tube of paint (like most watercolors) you can use them a lot choose you usage acrylic paint! di sini are a few ways that i am lihat my liquid watercolors.


I love filling a background v a wash of watercolor and melihat liquid color bekerja untuk it way easier due to the fact that you deserve to fill a cup come dip besar brushes.


You have the right to easily create a stamp pad native a kelembaban sponge by pouring color into the sponge. While this method is not an excellent for rubber stamps, it functions really well when melihat alternative items for stamping (cardboard rolls, vegi stamps, bubble wrap or anything through texture).
When i am painting with acrylics, I use a brayer to quickly fill a background v color. This same method can also be used with fluid watercolors.
I love splattering and also dripping and having larger quantities the liquid color to job-related with kekuasaan this process so much easier!
Since all that shade is in fluid form, that is really easy to use it to fill spray misters, spray bottles, daubers and even water brushes.

Oh you clever woman!!! Love these techniques! hanya checked out your link, and also they really room cheap. :D say thanks to You, give thanks to You, give thanks to You!!!

5:21 AM
Lisa Oceandreamer Swifkasaid...

I usage my Blick liquid watercolor in pentel aquash water brushes - they work good when functioning in an art journal.

7:47 AM
I'm Sara.said...

I love watercolors and especially splattering them. This would be perfect. Thanks for sharing!

11:58 AM

They watch cool, ns haven't also seen these here (in Sweden) yet, so i doubt castle are obtainable everywhere. I'll hanya have to execute with reguler watercolors, however as I gained a new set because that Christmas, I'm a senang girl anyway.

2:23 PM

I've been penampilan these exact same paints for a tahun now. They just thing about them is they space dye based and some pen don't work-related well end them, prefer gel pens. They work a little different then regular colours based water colors. Friend can get some amazing results with castle though.

5:36 PM

Great post, Alisa. I discovered out about liquid watercolors over the past summer, gaining ready for part kids' arts workshops i was teaching. Ns didn't even know castle existed before that! They space fun to usage for fruit and also vegetable prints. I juga just discovered the rubber cement resist technique you link to...I love that! I usage a thin-tipped hitam Sharpie pen to summary the lines do by the rubber cement, and also the impact is really striking.

4:07 PM
Megan P. Ernstsaid...

Thanks for pemisah these techniques! I've viewed liquid watercolors before, but had no idea what to also do through them... Lanjut time I'll provide these a try. :)

4:50 PM

Wow, say thanks to you for sharing. I've tangan kedua water colours end the years and also even watered turun acrylics and other mediums come get comparable affects but terakhir year because that Christmas, ns hinted at a collection of Ecoline inks which ns was lucky sufficient to receive. This sound comparable to the but, together you say, room in larger quantities which would setelan me a lot of better. Ns love the colorful colours girlfriend can gain from Ecoline squid (I digunakan to usage them in university – largely for airbrush approaches – 20 odd years ago) so the Blick would suit me to a tee!!! I'm gunna gain myself some of itu now!!! say thanks to you again. You're sepenuhnya of an excellent ideas. :0)

4:30 AM

I live close to a Blick Art save & can't wait to try those watercolors. This store is choose a grown increase toy store! I mungkin spend a the majority of time & money there.(ok, ns do).

10:58 AM
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