Mobile version 4 was released ~ above October 11, 2021.

Anda sedang menonton: Cara scan mobil dengan android Mobile version 3 info remains obtainable for individuals on older Android versions that can"t update to the recent mobile release.View the cell phone v3 Android

The mobile application makes it basic to authenticate — hanya tap “Approve” top top the login request sent out to her Android device. You can also quickly create login passcodes, even without one internet link or cabinet service.

If girlfriend need asisten installing or using Mobile, please contact your organization"s IT tolong Desk or administrator.


Changes come Mobile

We"ve redesigned mobile to give you an updated login experience. Learn much more about what"s brand-new to Mobile variation 4 in this video clip walkthrough:


Install Mobile

Find the latest variation of mobile in Google Play.Supported Platforms: The present version that Mobile support Android 8 and greater. melakukan not provide secara resmi support because that non-standard custom Android distributions like OnePlus, LineageOS, or ColorOS, nor is Mobile sustained for usage on ChromeOS.

To watch which variation of mobile is mounted on her device, walk to the Android Settings menu, madness Apps, kemudian scroll dibawah and madness Mobile. The "App Info" display shows the version.

Activate Mobile because that the first Time

When you enroll in because that the an initial time and also choose to add an Android machine or use Push, you"re shown a barcode to scan through the Mobile application to finish activation.


Launch Mobile and tap Set up account.


To continue with including your early account come Mobile, tap Use a QR code./p>


Use her camera come scan the barcode presented by Enrollment in your browser. If you"re prompted to enable cell phone permission to bawa pulang pictures and also record video, please grant it.

Give the brand-new account a surname to complete adding it come Mobile.

It"s a good idea to ambil a few minutes to practice approving and denying authentication inquiry if girlfriend haven"t used before. Tap Practice now to go with some pelatihan screens choose this one. If you feeling comfortable lihat cell phone to log in come applications you can tap Skip.

You"ll see your newly-added account in the accounts list. Currently you"re able to respond to press authentication requests, or generate passcodes to log in in come applications.

* Push

If you select to authenticate v Push, you"ll acquire a login request sent to her phone — just press Approve come authenticate.


If you get a login request that you weren"t expecting, press Deny to disapprove the request. You will do it be request if this to be a suspiciously login. If you aren"t trying come log right into an application or business protected through and also don"t identify the request, tap Yes to inform your organization"s administrator. If friend made a mistake but the login isn"t suspicious, insanity No to refuse the request without reporting it.

* Push and Notifications

When the Push an alert shows up on her screen, madness where suggested to view the obtainable actions: Approve or Deny.


tap Approve in the notice to finish logging in to the application.Tapping top top the push request notification karakter itu (instead of tapping the notice actions) ambil you to the penuh Push screen in Mobile.

Fingerprint Verification Mobile tambahan supports fingerprint confirmation for Push-based logins as second layer of defense to verify your user identity. If you"re using a device with fingerprint leader you"ll should scan your finger every time girlfriend authenticate via mobile (if required by your administrator).

If you"re no able come scan your fingerprint penampilan the sensor you can juga approve the authentication request using the device"s passcode (the exact same one you usage on the Android lock screen).


Tap an account to obtain a one-time passcode for login. This works anywhere, even in areas where girlfriend don"t have actually an internet connection or can"t obtain cell service.

If the account is because that a company or application (meaning friend enrolled this machine into and also activated the app for Push), then the passcode shown is valid till used. Tap Refresh Passcode to create a new passcode.


If the account is a third-party OTP account (meaning girlfriend logged into lainnya service choose Gmail and included this an equipment as an authenticator app), kemudian you"ll see a 30 second countdown indicator under the passcode. If girlfriend don"t usage that passcode sebelum it expires kemudian the account refreshes v a new passcode and also the countdown begins again.


If you need to use the passcode shown in cell phone in another mobile app tap Copy and also paste it into the various other app.

Add an ext Accounts to Mobile

To include additional account to mobile, insanity Add in the upper right of her accounts perform to walk to the account type selector.


If the brand-new account you desire to add shows you a QR code to scan with an authenticator app, madness Use QR code native the Add account list. Scan the barcode with your camera to include the account come Mobile.


You can juga choose the form of account you want to include from the list, and kemudian choose to add that account by scanning a QR code or by start an activation code you get from the application. Learn much more about adding third-party account to Mobile

Security Checkup Mobile"s protection Checkup verifies machine settings versus"s recommended security settings, and also lets you recognize if any type of of her device"s setups don"t match.This Android device has up-to-date software application and all of"s recommended protection settings configured:


This Android maker is a couple of Android versions behind the latest:


Tap on any type of detected melepaskan to learn much more about the particular setup and how you have the right to update your maker with the recommended configuration.

Tap the menu and also go to security Checkup in mobile to watch your device"s security statusnya at any type of time.

Third-Party Accounts Mobile support passcode generation because that logging in come third-party TOTP accounts, favor Google and Dropbox. Learn much more »

Edit Accounts

To make alters to one account in your accounts list, madness the account to broaden it, and kemudian tap the 3 dots in the upper-right corner of the account map to carry up the account options.


Tap Move to reorder her accounts perform (shown once you have an ext than one account in Mobile). Usage the up or down arrows shown to the left of every account"s name (or tap and also hold the icon on the appropriate side the the account card) to change an account"s place in the list. Tap Done once you"ve finished reordering her accounts.

Tap Rename to change the surname of an account. Get in a brand-new name because that the account and kemudian tap Save to use the new name.

Remove one account by tapping Delete. When you delete an account you deserve to no much longer use the to log in in, and it"s also removed from her Mobile back-up so friend can"t regain it later. If you"re sure you want to remove this account, tap Delete on the check message. Insanity Cancel if you don"t want to delete the account.

Backup & Restore

If her administrator allowed Mobile"s backup and also restore functionality and also you previously backed up her accounts from the app to Google drive you have the right to restore her accounts come mobile on a new Android an equipment via the reactora.netd recovery process. You can also perform third-party account restore if you formerly opted-in to third-party account restore. Awal the account recovery procedure by tapping I have actually existing accounts top top the cell phone welcome screen.

See the full Restore overview for Android. mobile Appearance

Adaptive View

The accounts perform in Mobile it is adapted to you. If you revolve your machine into a landscape view, your cell phone accounts list rotates as well.


The individual accounts shown in the list readjust appearance as well, showing the sepenuhnya account information when you hanya have a few accounts, and also switching come a lessened account view once you have many accounts to minimization scrolling in the app.


Dark Theme Mobile"s dark theme relies on your Android system settings. Over there is no in-app toggle to permit dark theme. If your maker has the system-wide dark setting enabled, Mobile instantly switches come dark theme.


You can enable dark design template on Android in a few different ways:Go come SettingsDisplayTheme and select Dark Theme.Pull down the Android setups from the an alert tray and also tap Dark Theme.


See the usual Issues for added troubleshooting tips, or visit the pengetahuan Base. If you aren"t able to fix your cell phone issue, call your organization"s administrator or tolong Desk.

Push Troubleshooting

If you space logging in to a application, yet you aren"t receiving an meant push authentication request, try closing Mobile and also reopening it. mobile checks for pending push requests at any time it"s opened. If this doesn"t settle it, watch the knowledge Base for added Android troubleshooting steps.

Encryption Troubleshooting

Mobile machine encryption helps store the data top top your maker secure. considers your an equipment encrypted as soon as you permit password, PIN, or sample authentication at startup. There is no this setting, your machine encryption is much less secure, and you might not be able to access solutions or applications.

To allow encryption on your Android Device:Navigate come SettingsSecurityScreen Lock.Enable password, PIN, or pattern to be forced upon maker startup.If you have actually a Samsung Device, you will in addition need to allow "Secure startup" or "Strong Protection" from your device"s settings and also require a pinning at machine startup.Close and reopen Mobile.If you still experience problems with the decaying Encryption error displaying in Mobile, also after completing the actions above, shot to disable this setup and kemudian re-enable the again. This can happen due to the fact that some Android an equipment manufacturers will set a default password come encrypt the phone. Although her phone could say the encrypted, technically that isn’t fully encrypted till you set your own PIN/password/pattern at startup via her phone’s settings. Encrypting v your own password is the paling secure option.

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Additional items to note:On Samsung devices, "Secure startup" or "Strong Protection" will automatically turn off any time you allow an accessibility permission.Some newer gadgets (such together the Google Pixel) on Android 7.0 and greater support file-based encryption and also can be considered encrypted through there is no a pinning at startup.