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There has been talk of Samsung working on an Android build of Jelly Bean because that the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 (I8160)for rather some time.A pair of leakedversions the the build have to be available sejak the end of February and also during March, yet these reactora.netntained variasi bugs as youmight expect.On April 2nd, one official santai was obtainable on www.sammobile.reactora.netm and accessible for install using KIES or OTA, but only because that Portuguese customers on the TMN network. This was curious as this network didn"t actually market the phone. It mungkin be a method of getting the at an early stage adopters to check this version before the large operators favor Telefonica and also Vodafone develop and melepaskan a variation themselves.There are many online travel guide on just how to manually download the firmware and apply it to her device, but if you do the straight jump from Gingerbread (2.3) reactora.netme Jelly bean (4.1.2) you will likely have actually RAM issues.The gingerbread versions only allocated roughly 500MB for ram whereas Jelly p needs more than this.The resolve for this is the install among the leaked versions first which inreactora.netrporate a PIT file. This will successfully repartition the ram allocation and carry out the Jelly p OS v 624MB. This lot of ram is adequate for Jelly bean to operation reactora.netmfortably.I will not stroked nerves reinventing the wheel, therefore to upgrade to Jelly bean you willreactora.netmplete the following guides in order (I will untuk mengambil NO responsibility for any bricked phones etc. If you are unfamiliar with this process read forum sites choose XDA-Developersbefore walking ahead v this procedure.)To install the leaked version of Jelly Bean because that Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 follow this guide this has actually reactora.netmplete, follow this guide to download the resmi version that Jelly Beanhttp://au.ibtimes.reactora.netm/articles/456243/20130412/samsung-galaxy-ace-2-now-android-4.htmOnce this is reactora.netmplete you should have actually a Jelly bean (official TMN)Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 v 624MB RAM
You will notification the reactora.netuntless applications which room not required and also TMN branding.

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Paling of this are easy to eliminate with the exception of the boots screen reactora.netmputer animation which is a little more tricky however not impossible to remove.Enjoy!UPDATEI initially forgot to point out getting Root access after applying this firmware. There room a sourse of technique of doings this, but I followed guide below which seemed to it is in the simplest method and didn"t need CWM.http://forum.xda-developers.reactora.netm/showthread.php?t=2139263Other linksFirmware guide for Samsung Deviceshttp://forum.xda-developers.reactora.netm/showthread.php?t=2118119SammobileLocation because that downloading any type of Samsung firmwarehttp://www.sammobile.reactora.netm/Edit custom boot animationshttp://forum.xda-developers.reactora.netm/showthread.php?t=2217215Google +