Note: This video game is tambahan titled Naruto: Narutimate Hero.

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Alternate costumesAt the character selection screen, organize L1 + R1 kapan choosing a character. In cost-free Battle or Mission mode, hold L2 + R1 and press X ketika selecting a character.Chibi battleWhile playing in matches mode, hold Square while the fighter"s surname are talked (for example, Naruto vs. Sasuke). Proceed holding Square through the intermission sequence to fight through the Chibi version of the characters.Bonus missionsSuccessfully finish "S" rank Mission 2, "Icha Icha Paradise", to unlock Mission 11. Successfully complete all non-"S" rank objectives (Hokage rank) come unlock Mission 12.Successfully complete Gaara"s story mode come unlock two town Of Sand missions, Kazekage"s Mansion, Sumanigo Estate, and also Buddha Statue.Successfully complete Haku"s story mode come unlock the an excellent Naruto Bridge and Zabuza"s Hideout missions.Play together Curse-Marked SasukeReach the "Chunin" location (500 EXP) in Mission setting to unlock Cursed Sealed Sasuke in Mission, Practice, and totally free Battle mode.Play as GaaraSuccessfully complete kisah mode v Zabuza come unlock Gaara in saga mode. Successfully complete kisah mode with Gaara to unlock the in matches mode.Play as HakuSuccessfully complete kematian mode as Hinata come unlock Haku in kematian mode. Efficiently complete kisah mode through Haku come unlock that in versus mode.Play as Hinata HyugaSuccessfully complete kisah mode together Neji to unlock Hinata in kematian Mode. Successfully complete kisah mode with Hinata Hyuga come unlock she in versus mode.Play together Neji HyugaSuccessfully complete kisah mode as any type of default personality to unlock Neji in kematian mode. Properly complete kematian mode v Neji Hyuga come unlock the in matches mode.Play as Nine-Tailed NarutoReach the "Jonin" location (1,750 EXP) in Mission mode to unlock Nine-Tailed Naruto in Mission, Practice, and cost-free Battle mode.Play together OrochimaruSuccessfully complete kematian mode together Gaara come unlock Orochimaru in kisah mode. Efficiently complete kematian mode v Orochimaru come unlock the in versus mode.Play as Sexy Jutso Saska or KakashiUse Kakashi or Saske and also use Sharingon then copy Sexy Justsu.Play as Zabuza MomochiSuccessfully complete saga mode as Haku come unlock Zabuza in kisah mode. Successfully complete saga mode through Zabuza Momochi to unlock the in matches mode.Capsule machinesReach the "Special Jonin" rank to unlock the Capsule device for Collectors. With the "Anbu" rank to unlock the Capsule an equipment for Maniacs.RanksGet the indicated amount of EXP in Mission setting to with the corresponding rank:Genin: 50 EXPChunin: 500 EXPSpecial Jonin: 1,150 EXPJonin: 1,750 EXPAnbu: 2,170 EXPHokage: 2,490 EXP

Restore healthHold up to assume a taunting pose. The only characters who deserve to do this room Sakura, Hinata, Shikamaru, and Kakashi.Restore ChakraTo recuperate Chakra (energy), host Down. Note: You will certainly be defenseless ketika recovering Chakra.
Extra JutsuWhile bermain as any type of character, tekan ke bawah Down(2), circle to carry out a Jutsu.Inner Sasuke and also Inner KakashiFight Sakura and use Sasuke or Kakashi"s Sharingan special. Then, tekan Down(2), one to usage Inner Sasuke or within Kakashi.Sasuke or Kakashi with swordPerform the Sharingan super relocate with one of two people Sasuke or Kakashi while fighting Orochimaru or Zabuza. If you finish the move, Sasuke or Kakashi will have a knife (depending on i beg your pardon you room fighting).Sasuke through cursed mark and also sharengaurd eyesWhen activating Sauske, (cursed marked) at the terakhir part once Cursed mark Sauske assaults with his lightning covered hand, look closely at his eyes. His eyes room sharengaurd. Note: Sharengaurd will not job-related on Curse significant Sauske.Sharingan glitch with Curse-Marked SasukeUnlock Curse-Marked Sasuke, kemudian use Curse-Marked Sasuke"s special when he offers the Lightning Blade. ~ he uses it, look at his eyes. The Sharingan must be activated, yet you cannot use the Sharingan afterwards.Easy winsWhile fighting at Zabuza"s Hideout, teleport to the top portion of the battlefield whereby the bed is located. Operation left or right di bawah the ropes. Run onto the rope and run come the left if you chose the right rope; or come the best if you decided the left rope. When your oponent jumps on to the other side, strike him or her to their side the the rope. This will trap them between you and the tree.Easily finish "Tug Of war On The Bridge" missionPlay as Sasuke. Walk behind Haku and press Circle repeatedly. Girlfriend should gain the three extr blows down. Then, usage Sasuke"s second spesial (Windmill Triple Attack/Fire Style: Dragon flame Jutsu) to loss Haku."Dynamic entree" commentSelect two Player mode and also use Kakashi"s Sharingan. Copy Sakura Chakra techniques. Instead of speak "Fair tales is for real", he will certainly say "Dynamic entree".Hidden ScrollsAn easy way to obtain the tersembunyi Scrolls is to complete the objective in practice mode. This will not work for the Kikyo Castle, Zabuza"s Hideout, or great Naruto bridge stage. Attain these Scrolls in two Player complimentary mode and also have among the players no move.The Ramen Ichiraku stage: Strike every the lanterns on the lowest tingkat of this phase untill they glow red and are about to break. Perform not rest them. If done correctly, girlfriend will obtain the tersembunyi Scroll.Hokage"s Mountainside pictures stage: jump up and dibawah on the treetop come the left that the facility ring. After around ten jumps friend will receive the tersembunyi Scroll.Hero"s Memorial stone stage: Strike her enemy"s assistance character five times to obtain the bersembunyi Scroll.Survival exercise Ground stage: damage ten the the exercise dummies appearing on the back plane to attain the tersembunyi Scroll.Look the end Tower stage: This is among the hardest Scrolls to obtain. To get the Scroll, shatter the ungu barrier that stops friend from aircraft shifting. Then, walk to the gigantic frog"s head. You must jump from the frog"s head to the snake"s head without falling or poignant the ground. The easiest way to perform this is to run forward kemudian double jump at the terakhir moment. Then, execute an air dash toward the snake"s head. Then, return to the frog"s head melihat the very same move. All this should be done sebelum the line starts breath fire. The minute you get bagian belakang to the frog"s head, girlfriend will obtain the tersembunyi Scroll.Chunin exam Stadium stage: operation to the hole in the ground lima times to obtain the bersembunyi Scroll. Make sure you wall-run out of the tunnel each time.Kikyo castle stage: was standing on the top tail anak-anak of the fish statue in the upper-right hand edge of the kembali plane kapan the timer gauge ticks down for ten seconds.Exercise Ground forest Of fatality stage: strike the fish swim in the stream three times to get the Scroll.Zabuza"s Hideout stage: stand on the building"s upper paling level and also wait for 3 counts of the time gauge to obtain the Scroll.Great Naruto leg stage: was standing still top top the boat for 3 counts that the timer gauge to obtain a hidden Scroll.Kazekage"s Mansion stage: assault the vending machine between fifteen and also thirty times to get the hidden Scroll.Sunagimo Estate and also Buddha statue stage: Plane change up to the top of the tingkat and ruin the object flying in the tornado. The will untuk mengambil more than one tornado to finish this.In Freebattle mode with one or 2 players, use Sasuke and fight Naruto eleven waktu or more to acquire a tersembunyi Scroll.Chakra techniquesYou can do a Jutsu without penampilan your mystery techniques. Tekan ke bawah Down(2), one to perform the following Chakra techniques:Gaara: Cursed Sandstorm SeveringResult: offers Shukaku"s eight to punch the opponent.

Haku: A thousands Needles of fatality 1Result: Splashes water, freezes them, and fires tajam ice needles.

Hinata: MedicineResult: Restores health, attack, and speed.

Kakashi: A Thousand year of DeathResult: walk behind the opponent and gives castle a ache poke in the butt.

Lee: sheet WhirlwindResult: Spins leg around to trip the opponent.

Naruto: i overdid it!Result: Farts to do the opponent faint.

Neji: RotationResult: Spins favor a height to counterattack.

Orochimaru: tongue TechniqueResult: Slashes the adversary with a it is provided sword.

Sasuke: fire Style: Fire nol JutsuResult: Blows a besar flame come burn the opponent.

Sakura: This fairy tale is because that real!!Result: offers Inner Sakura to do a flurry the punches.

Shikamaru: Now, Choji!Result: Summons Choji come the battle bidang to use the manusia Boulder, and crushes the opponent.

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Zabuza: Water jail JutsuResult: catch the opponent in a bubble, kemudian crushes the opponent.