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Abba gold Anniversary Edition


Abba yellow Anniversary edition ABBA

The crucial Collection


The Essential koleksi ABBA

Super Trouper


super Trouper ABBA

Best that 40 chansons

Georges Brassens

best Of 40 chansons Georges Brassens

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through Dadali

Setulus Mencintaimu


Setulus Mencintaimu Dadali

Sayang Pa Kabar


bayinya Pa Kabar Dadali

Jangan Cepat untuk mengambil Nyawaku


Jangan Cepat ambil Nyawaku Dadali

Cintaku sangat Luar Biasa


Cintaku Sangat betapa mengejutkannya Dadali

Sakit Teramat Sakit


Sakit Teramat Sakit Dadali
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Bossa nova, the Eternal wave

dari its development in the late 1950s, Bossa-nova has akan an indispensable component of Brazilian music. The style’s strong evocative power saya menang over artists from all around the dunia and earned pengakuan for numerous first-rate musicians whose works are currently seen as classics.

Elton John: The first 10 years

what remains native the beforehand years that Elton John’s career? A bountiful discography and also an incalculable mageri of exuberant and also occasionally melancholic hits. Because that the santai of David Fletcher’s Elton john biopic, Rocketman, let united state look bagian belakang at this exorbitant artist’s career throughout the 1970s.

Peter thomas in Orbit

In Germany lock have anda own Michel Legrand: his name is Peter Thomas! His eccentric film music left its note on a whole generation the viewers in the 60s and 70s and sejak the 90s that has regularly been dikutip and sampled by young pop groups. The cult composer passed away on might 17th, 2020. We met him three years earlier, on the fajar of his 92nd birthday.

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