Currently 7 Wuling dare are accessible for revenue in Indonesia. The Wuling Almaz, Wuling Cortez CT, Wuling Confero S space the paling popular Wuling cars.

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Wuling provides 5 MPV (Wuling Cortez CT, Confero S, Formo, Cortez, Confero S 2021), 2 SUV (Wuling Almaz, Almaz RS) in the country. Check Wuling dare Loan package Price and also Cheap Installments at the nearest Wuling vehicle Dealer.

Wuling Indonesia car Price list 2021

The shortest price Wuling version is the Formo Rp 143,8 juta and the greatest price version is the Almaz RS. There room 27 Wuling cars accessible in Indonesia, check out all models November 2021 price below.

Wuling Models Price perform
Wuling Almaz Rp 261,8 - Rp 336,8 Million
Wuling Cortez CT Rp 207,3 - Rp 286,8 Million
Wuling Confero S Rp 148,8 - Rp 197,8 Million
Wuling Formo Rp 143,8 - Rp 144,8 Million
Wuling Almaz RS Rp 356,8 - Rp 385,8 Million
Wuling Cortez Rp 219,8 - Rp 277 Million
Wuling Confero S 2021 Rp 172,8 - Rp 193,8 Million

Upcoming Wuling cars Price List

Upcoming Wuling dare launches in Indonesia include Wuling E100.

Wuling design Expected Launch day
Wuling E100 25 Nov, 2021
Wuling E200 29 Nov, 2021

Wuling auto Dealers

Contact her nearest dealer indigenous 105 authorized Wuling automobile dealers throughout 78 cities in Indonesia for ideal offers top top your new car.



Wuling Promos in the Indonesia

Get the shortest downpayment & monthly rate Promos ~ above Wuling pengangkutan models. Now on 1 November 2021, avail Formo Promos with: DP Rp 31,76 Juta, and MA Rp 3,44 juta (60 months) at Juga check latest resmi promos native Wuling Indonesia because that cash discount, jae won Discount, freebies and more at ours at specialized Wuling promo page.

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Wuling Indonesia Videos

Research your lanjut car by the town hall Wuling country tinjauannya and unboxing videos of milik mereka vehicle in ~




The cheapest Wuling vehicle is Wuling Formo starting from Rp 143,8 million for basic variant. This day on 3 Juni 2021 the hottest promos v DP as low as Rp 24,16 juta , emi Rp 3,2 million (60).
The newest car ditawarkan from Wuling in the Indonesia is the all brand-new Wuling Almaz RS 2021, Wuling Confero S 2021 and also Wuling Cortez CT 2021.
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