Love a tiktok so lot that you desire to keep it on her phone and treasure it forever? You can do that with the save video function.

Save video clip allows girlfriend to conserve your favourite TikToks to your phone"s picture library. Downloading TikTok videos allows you to have accessibility to a tiktok regardless if the user deletes that or if TikTok bawa pulang it down. Downloading a TikTok video can also streamline membagikan a TikTok v your more ditawarkan friends who may not have actually the app.

Unfortunately you can"t save all TikToks, the user who write-ups a TikTok has actually to permit downloads for their video. If the "Save video" choice doesn"t come up, that means the tiktok user doesn"t have downloads turned on for anda account.

But, you bisa always display record the tik instead.

To save a TikTok, follow the steps below.

How come Download a tiktok video:

1. Open up the tiktok app

2. Navigate come the video you desire to save

3. Insanity the putih arrow top top the left next of the screen


Tap the arrowhead to view sharing options because that the TikTok.Credit: screenshot: tiktok

4. Madness the upside turun arrow that says "Save Video" to save the video


Downloads are on, for this reason you deserve to save the video clip by tapping "Save video."Credit: screenshot: TikTok

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