“I desire It the Way” is about a strained relationship. The lyrical menerjemahkan of this song, however, is notoriously muddled. They don’t necessarily do sense—and this is… check out More 

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Yeah-eh-ehYou room my fireThe one desireBelieve once I sayI desire it the wayBut we space two civilizations apartCan't with to your heartWhen you sayThat I want it that way>Tell me whyAin't nothing however a heartacheTell me whyAin't nothing however a mistakeTell me whyI never wanna hear girlfriend sayI want it the wayAm ns your fire?Your one desireYes, I know it's also lateBut I want it the way
& Brian>Tell me whyAin't nothing but a heartacheTell me whyAin't nothing however a mistakeTell me whyI never wanna hear friend sayI desire it the wayNow I can see that we're fallout’s apartFrom the method that it digunakan to be, yeahNo issue the distanceI want you to knowThat deep turun inside the me>You room my fireThe one desireYou space (You are, you are, you are)>Don't wanna hear friend sayAin't nothin' but a heartacheAin't nothin' however a mistake(Don't wanna hear friend say)I never wanna hear you say (Oh, yeah)I want it the way
, (Nick) & AJ>Tell me whyAin't nothing yet a heartacheTell me whyAin't nothing yet a mistakeTell me whyI tidak pernah wanna hear you say (Don't wanna hear you say)I want it the wayTell me whyAin't nothin' however a heartacheAin't nothin' but a mistakeTell me whyI never wanna hear girlfriend say (Never wanna hear friend say, yeah)I desire it the way'Cause I want it that way
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“I desire It that Way” is about a strained relationship. The lyrical interpretation of this song, however, is notoriously muddled. They nothing necessarily make sense—and this is the topic of much the online discussion around this song. The lyrics dulu written by maks Martin and also Andreas Carlsson, veteran swedish hitmakers that began dari mereka careers at Cheiron Studios, which was greatly responsible because that the sound of pop in the ’90s. Carlsson talked to HitQuarters about writing this song:

‘I want It the Way’ to be a permainan with words. When maksimum came up through the original idea for the song, it currently had the line ‘you space my fire, the one desire.’ we tried a million different sports on the second verse, and also finally we had actually to go bagian belakang to what was sounding so great, ‘you room my fire, the one desire.’ And kemudian we readjusted it come ‘am i your fire, her one desire,’ which make absolutely no feeling in mix with the chorus – however everybody loved it!

The song’s etc riff was inspired by Metallica. There was an alternating version the the song recorded with more coherent lyrics, however the pita preferred the initial version that the song. Backstreet boy Kevin richardson said the Martin’s english language skills dulu worse then, i beg your pardon is why the song’s text don’t make a volume of sense. That told LA Weekly:

Ultimately the track really doesn’t yes, really make lot sense.

The video for this song, which to be parodied by Blink-182, menang a VMA because that “Viewer’s Choice.”

It was nominated because that 3 Grammys in 2000: “Song that the Year,” “Record the the Year,” and also “Best Pop performance by a Duo or team with Vocals.”

On respectable 19, 2011, China’s set of culture released a list of 100 songs, consisting of this song, that menjadi required come be removed from the web as they had been released without being subjected to a mandatory screening procedure conducted by to adjust officials.