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Apakah yang dimaksud mencapai conjunction? associate adalah istilah di dalam bahasa inggris yang artinya kata penghubung/kata sambung. Kata ini berfungsi karena menghubungkan satu sentence dengan pemfitnahan kalimat, ataukah frase dengan frase. Kata sambung dalam bahasa inggris (conjunction sangat patuh dipakai di dalam penyusunan kalimat. Contoh conjunction yang sering digunakan adalah: for, as, because, but, and, or, if, although, dan lainnya.

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Penggunaan Kata Sambung batin Bahasa Inggris (Conjunction)

Menurut fungsinya, kata sambung dalam Bahasa Inggris atau conjunction dibedakan menjadi dua macam, yaitu object conjunction dan coordinating conjunction.

1. Object ConjunctionConjunction / kata sambung di dalam bahasa inggris jenis ini berfungsi untuk menghubunkan antara induk kalimat dengan anak kalimat. Kata penghubung yang termasuk di dalam tipe ini adalah:

ConjunctionContoh conjunction dalam Kalimat
WhoThe boy that is berdiri there is my brother.
WhichI like that snapshot which deserve to make me happy.
WhereHe tahu where mine sister is going.
WhyMom doesn’t understand why the washing an equipment is no working.
HowMy brother tahu how to fix this machine.
That-Rob realized that it’s not his fault-The wallet the is brought by that is gone.
WhileUncle Sam is gardening kapan Patsy untuk mengambil a nap
WhetherI don’t understand whether it’s appropriate or wrong
BeforeI had actually locked the door sebelum I left the house
Although, thoughI need to attend the lectures although it’s going come rain
SinceWe have had in a relationship since in high school.
So that-You are so beautiful that everybody’s attracted to you.-Harry has to riset hard so the he deserve to pass the nationwide exam
UntilYou have to wait till the bus comes.
As-Coolie fell down the stairs as he tried to get down
AfterI straight go come campus after acquisition a bath
As ifShe talks as if discovering everything
In stimulate thatYou should smile in order the she likes you.
OnceGary referred to as his girlfriend as soon as he obtained a bad news
Because that + (noun phrase)Because + (S+V)-My roommate is screaming because of the suddenly dark.-She did no come today because she is sick.
UnlessYou may tanda the attendance list unless you which time
IfI won’t provide them a mercy if I dulu you.
ThanYou’d far better find the solution soon than complaining.
As long asYou’re permitted to live di sini as lengthy as you salary the monthly fee.

2. Coordinating ConjunctionConjunction / kata sambung di dalam bahasa inggris tipe ini berfungsi untuk menggabungkan dua kalimat yang berkedudukan sama dan terletak di antara kalimat/klausa apa dihubungkan.

ConjunctionContoh conjunction di dalam kalimat
AndShe’s smart and also pretty ns think.
ButMy brothers is mischievous yet diligent.
OrYou want money or prize?
HoweverThe fuel nilai is climbing up but the publik transportation nilai won’t make any change.
neverthelessThe tuition fee is enhancing each year, nonetheless the rector won’t let the college student get difficulties in their study.
thereforeIt’s tough to earn money because of this you need to save more money.
forI did no withdraw the money for the bank was closed
yetRudy loves to eat a lot however he doesn’t thrive bigger.
soThe shop supplies a good sale so there are countless of customers involved it.
Both…and…..Both of you and me room rivals
Neither..nor..Neither my parents nor my friends perform not care to me.
Either…or….Either Gaby or Jennifer is a an excellent girl
Not only…. Yet also…Kim is not just talkative but tambahan funny.

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