Rich Chigga feat 21 Savage - Crisis. Teks Lagu : Yeah, wake up about, uh, 6 Think "bout money, then "bout this selengkapnya di Kitab Lirik

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Lirik dilemm - rich Chigga feat 21 Savage

Setelah untuk menekan hits online tahun ini mencapai lagu-lagu such "Chaos" dan "Glow favor Dat", rich Chigga kembali mengeluarkan lagu-lagu terbaru, namun kali ini dialah berkolaborasi dengan Shayaa Bin Abraham-Joseph ataukah lebih dikenal dengan nama 21 Savage yaitu rapper asal Republik Dominika. Kolaborasi rapper muda ini lagu sebuah lagu yang berjudul Crisis.Single "Crisis" diproduksi melalui Rich Chigga dan memang bersinar siap untuk dimainkan karena mengulangi kesuksesan lagu-lagu sebelumnya. Sekian lagi, video clip Chigga datang berkat pertarungan, media doktoral dan perusahaan promosi Asia / Asia-Amerika yang also berperan dalam kesuksesan Joji , Keith Ape , Yaeji , dan higher Brothers.
Penyanyi Rich Chigga special 21 Savage
Judul Lagu Crisis
Album Single Crisis
Pencipta Rich Chigga dan 21 Savage

Foto Instagram well-off Chigga 2017 yang tetap mudah meskipun cantik bisa dikatakan sukses

Lirik songs Rich Chigga - Crisisi

Untuk mendapatkan lagu Crisis - rich Chigga feat 21 Savage anda bisa membelinya malalui media digital kemudian iTunes, Jook, thiên Musik, Spotify, Deezer dan media membeli musik lainnya. Berikut adalah selengkapnya rich Chigga situation LyricsBaca tambahan :Lirik lagu Rich Chigga - ChaosLirik CrisisYeah, wake up up about, uh, 6Think "bout money, then "bout thisI acquired nothin" on mine wrist yet I"ll tho gladly take your bitch (ayy, ayy, ayy)Who created that beat? (yeah, ayy, yuh)Yessiree ns did, ayyGot the ass ~ above meSound like I"m from brand-new York CityAirbnb, gon" posesthe in itShe recognize that I do the music (music)Always chef at home, I"m tryna to conserve upTryna carry out my friends some favorsGave her head, she facin" backwards (backwards, ayy)27 shows, ns go through cities every now and thenI clock the crowd, they jumpin", watchin" me (watchin" me)Cut, reduced to days agoI"m hanya a child not old sufficient to exhilaration a cigThey wonder, "What"s the recipe?" (Ayy, recipe)They want me to panggilan home, I deserve to hear the drum rollBut recognize I"m out di sini for a reasonLi-livin" in my very own home, father miss me ns knowBut tambahan he recognize that I"m on a mission (mission)I gained diamonds on my fist and shitDiamonds on mine wrist and also shitSo icy, bitch, I"m colder than a freezer (bling-blaow)My key bitch bitchin" (21), next bitch trippin"Bitch i love ya"ll both yet none of y"all ain"t no keepersI"ll leaving ya, rolls Royce look choose Jeepers Creepers (21)Made a juta dollars with Adidas (21)Can"t have a ticket, nigga, off my beeper (21)Take this shit come trial, nigga, I"m gon" to win itSpilt mine lean, it obtained me heatedSay the one time, i don"t repeat itBaby, get turun on your knees and eat it, (wow) eat it, eat itWalking out of louis V v the huge boxYeah i pulled at saint Laurent, ns made a pit stopYoung Savage berjalan around with the big Glock (21)With the .30 hangin" out, nigga that"s hip-hop (facts)Car as well fast, 12 can"t avoid me (skrrt)Bitch as well bad, hoes can"t posesthe me (21)You was berlari from the smoke, nigga, no me (on God)Rich Chigga, 21 Savage, now it"s O.D. (21)Yeah, wake up about, uh, 6Think "bout money, kemudian "bout thisI got nothin" on my wrist but I"ll still gladly untuk mengambil your bitch (ayy, ayy, ayy)Who created that beat? (yeah, ayy, yuh)Yessiree ns did, ayyShe act favor a birdI stay shit made the end of furYour man say he gaining moneyClaim that he"s entrepreneurFast automobile like quick & FuriousShe throw it back, DeloreanI"m sittin" in somebody"s BMW recordin" thisNot my whip, not my whipRather berjalan or ambil a LyftOn a trip, ns hit the stripThat make me sad and kemudian I dipAyy, Brian learnin" how to live the (damn)People "round him go in circlesHead is spinnin" with no fidget (recipe)Used to permainan the drums thoughNever preferred it, no, noLil" Brian didn"t watch the larger pictureRap-rap ~ above my very own beats soOne hundreds percent goesStraight to mine li"l pockets and I keep itYeah, wake up up about, uh, 6Think "bout money, then "bout thisI got nothin" on my wrist but I"ll tho gladly ambil your bitch (ayy, ayy, ayy)Who developed that beat? (yeah, ayy, yuh)Yessiree i did, ayyGot that ass ~ above meSound like I"m from new York CityAirbnb, gon" crap in itShe know that I perform the music (music)Always chef at home, I"m tryna to save upTryna execute my friends part favorsGave she head, she facin" backwards (backwards, ayy)Baca also : lirik Lagu Cardi B - Bartier Cardi (feat. 21 Savage) dan Terjemahan

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