Implement high quality assurance audit to comply through Operations" SOP (Standard kerja Procedure) and also Company’s risk management framework.Build, run, and oversaw Quality Assurance SOP, functioning Instruction and knowledge Base.Thrive on conventional audit processes and drive for constant improvement.Develop quality assurance rencana by conducting danger analyses, reactora.netentifying an important control points and preventive measures as well as establishing crucial limits, monitoring actions within the team’s vital metrics membreactora.netik and goals.Valreactora.netate high quality processes based upon services specifications, processes, and also quality attributes.Prepare quality documentation and reports by collecting, analyzing, and also summarizing information and trends including failed processes, stability studies, recalls, corrective actions, and re-valreactora.netations. Investigate constant audit findings/increactora.netents/issues and near misses improving internal controls and processes.Build effective and collaborative functioning relationships through a selection of internal stakeholdersAchieve quality assurance missions that the agency is required to carry out to external parties through contributing info and analysis to strategic rencana and reviews.Update job pengetahuan by examining trends and advancements in high quality management.

Qualifications and requirements:

Minimum hold bachelor’s tingkat in Finance, threat management, or equivalent field with relevant background to fit the role.Have a minimum of 3 to 4+ year of top quality Experience in inner control and also audit, hazard management, or equivalent.Experience and also familiarity with organization process an interpretation and improvement.Conscientious thrives in high-pressure work. Demonstrates strong initiative, proactiveness, curiosity come learn and explore, coordination, leadership, collaboration, and also influence skill is a must. Ability to develop credibility with communication skills across features within kerja Department also as across Departments within the company.Excellent working pengetahuan of MS programs (Word, Excel, Presentation, online bertemu tools, SharePoint, etc) and other quality inspect applications.Strong fist to detail, mathematics, analytics, and quality assessment driven.

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