Pemain sepakbola di atas FIFA dunia Cup 2014 (Piala alam 2014)● Tim Nasional : Kolombia (COL) ● numeral : 22 ● berposisi : Kiper● terjejas : Senin, 21 Juni 1971 ● memuat : 93 kg ● ditinggikan : 191 cm
This name provides Spanish naming customs; the first or paternal household name is Mondragónand the 2nd or maternal household name is Alí.

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Faryd Mondragon

Mondragón playing time in southern America, starting in his country at Deportivo Cali and the Independiente Santa Fe before moving come Cerro Porteño in Paraguay. His career took off when he joined the paling exclusive championship of argentina with Argentinos Juniors in 1993. He kemudian received his an initial team selection in Colombia. The following tahun he join the Independiente where he came to be the goalkeeper for 4 seasons

He to be the man behind the maintenance of FC Metz in Ligue 1 in ~ the finish of the 2000–2001 season together he to be accumulating each enhance to certain the win or color etc that allowed the continuance, the club directly escaping. Mondragón to be convicted of lihat a false Greek passport and despite the mitigating circumstances (the passport would have been detailed by shysters and also FC Metz had actually not reached the limit of players outside the EU), Mondragón to be not enabled to play in France and had to leaving the country.

Mondragón stood for Turkish power Galatasaray from 2001 come 2007, wherein he menang two Süper Lig titles in 2002 and also 2006. He to be appreciated by the fans because that his countless saves and his commitment come the kesuksesan of the team, and juga become recognized for his prayers before and throughout games. He came to the fore in plenty of European matches and was selected Player that the mainly in the Champions organization two times.

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Mondragón transferred from Istanbul come 1. FC Köln in may 2007. After arriving at his new club, the was forced to compete with didirikan Köln goalkeeper Stefan Wessels for a spot in the starting eleven. Among the reasons that he made decision 1. FC Köln that was due to the fact that the existing coach Christoph Daum was working there. After an intense pre-season, Mondragón was named as the new mageri one for 1. FC Köln. This caused Wessels leaving the society for Everton in England. Darimana Wessels departure, Mondragón didirikan a an initial choice goalkeeper for the club until Mondragón was relegated to the bench after ~ an altercation through Zvonimir Soldo over his desire to go on worldwide duty. This resulted in Mondragón gift sent house from the team hotel and also being changed by young Croatian stopper Miro Varvodić.<2>


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