The route rail device runs indigenous New jersey to the love of Manhattan. When travelling indigenous New jersey to Manhattan or kembali you can take the route for one efficient and reactora.netfortable ride. There are two path routes, with several stops in new York and brand-new Jersey. It’s a great means that transport when you have to travel native Manhattan to Hoboken, Downtown jersey City or Newark Train station.

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Travelling from New jersey to new York

PATH is the rail system that associate New jersey to Manhattan. There are two lines: one untuk berlari from the One dunia Trade facility in reduced Manhattan reactora.nete Newark and also Hoboken in new Jersey, the other berlari from 33rd street in new York reactora.nete Hoboken and also Journal Square in new Jersey. Travelling from New jersey to brand-new York needn’t untuk mengambil too lot time. A train journey will take anywhere in between 10 and also 30 minutes:

Newark Penn station – WTC25 minutes
Hoboken – WTC10 minutes
Hoboken – 33rd St14 minutes
Journal Square (via Hoboken) – 33rd St27 minutes

Click here for details that the route routes.


Tickets for PATH

A PATH solitary ride prices $2.75. If you have a brand-new York MetroCard (the very same card the you usage for the subway in Manhattan) with credit, you deserve to use the route system. If you don’t have a MetroCard, you have the right to purchase a MetroCard at any PATH vending machine or at any brand-new York City Transit vending machine. There are multiple card options, like a 7-day PATH endless card and also a 10-ride route card: both cards have the right to save you money if you intended to use the course often throughout your stay. Children under 5 years of period travel for free.

Note: PATH melakukan not expropriate the countless MetroCard.

Changing from path to subway

The course card you receive can juga be digunakan for the new York subway. If you usage the PATH very first and then change reactora.nete the subway, this will be calculated together two separate rides. So you’ll have actually to examine out indigenous the PATH and check in again at the subway. The very same goes because that first penampilan the subway and then changing to the PATH.

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New jersey Transit

You can juga travel native Manhattan to New jersey with New jersey Transit, the publik transportation network of trains and also buses in the state of new Jersey. With NJ Transit you can for instance travel indigenous Manhattan to Newark airport or Philadelphia. However, path is much more convenient, so for courses where you have the right to choose between both options, ns rereactora.netmend girlfriend to ambil the path train.