After three years in a coma, Vanessa awakens to a dunia ravaged by vampires. Now, she and also a motley pita of fellow survivors hit to stay alive.

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After 3 years in a coma, Vanessa awakens to a world ravaged through vampires. Now, she and also a motley pita of fellow survivors struggle to remain alive.

Waking native a coma, Vanessa finds lone soldier Axel protecting she from a vampire apocalypse referred to as " Rising" and discovers she has actually unusual powers.

Three years sebelum her awakening, Vanessa is a single mom in Seattle as soon as a volcanic eruption and a decision of killings signal the mulailah of " Rising."

When milik mereka UV light resource is damaged, Vanessa and also Axel must scavenge external for parts. Flesh reveals the truth about Vanessa come his previous comrades.

Searching for their lost loved ones, Vanessa and Mohamad sneak out of the hospital, kapan Doc and also Axel discover that a self-destruction is not maafkan saya it appears.

Captured by vampire leader Julius, a surprised Vanessa find a familiar confront in his flock. Brand-new arrivals at the hospital wrest control away indigenous Axel.

While Vanessa and also Susan effort to escape indigenous Julius through kereta bawah tanah tunnels, the schism widens between two groups of survivors in ~ the hospital.

Opposing forces dibawah Julius and also Dmitri clash during a siege that the hospital kapan the remaining survivors consider permanently leave the facility.

Mohamad tries to stay alive and also catch approximately the survivors who are complying with Axel come his former military base, just to discover the site abandoned.

Trapped in an underground lab called " Farm," the group encounters a feral vampire and deadly radiation ketika Mohamad makes a girlfriend on the road.

After experiencing a grievous loss, Vanessa and the survivors find comfort in ~ Eden, a watch peaceful manusia community that conceals a dark bargain.

Taking refuge at Susan's childhood home, the survivors face a shocking revelation about a member that the group while Julius begins tracking Vanessa.

Traveling come a vampire-controlled camp, Vanessa and Mohamad room trailed by an makin dangerous Sam, while Julius and Dmitri meet confront to face.

Revelations, betrayals and also reversals space in save for everyone when Vanessa i do not care a captive that Dmitri, whose preeminence is not as ironclad as he believes.

Astonishing revelations around her previous lead Vanessa to pertanyaan her whole life story, while the battle to defeat the powerful Dmitri rages on.

Vanessa's long-awaited reunion v Dylan isn't apa she dreamed it would be. A barely alive Dmitri flees, while others meet a final reckoning.

Mohamad rescues Vanessa and Dylan, who kemudian have a fateful clash v Julius. Two long-lost survivors reunite, but neither are who they once were.

Vanessa's attempts to save Dylan alive kekuatan her to do a series of wrenching choices. A mysterious vampire assails a team of youth delinquents.

Vanessa and also Julius room rescued native a skinners' camp by a pita of survivors life in the forest. Sam ambil Felix, among the delinquents, captive.

After a vengeful Sam massacres a camp penuh of children, Vanessa goes on the warpath make the efforts to find him, bring about a kejam and bloody confrontation.

As Dmitri takes extraordinary actions to rebuild his forces, visions lead Vanessa back to a an enig base where shed memories of she childhood resurface.

Dmitri's connection to Vanessa's mysterious past is revealed, kapan Scab recruits troops because that his brand-new master. Axel's return to normal is death-defying.

Searching for Vanessa, her group encounters a fortress the suspiciously trusted police officers. Flesh and also Lucky seek Mohamad yet find Dmitri's army.

Dmitri closes in top top Doc and Julius while Axel and Scarlett hide indigenous the Sisters. Scarlett's previous as a vampire hunter-in-training is revealed.

In a remote hill laboratory, Vanessa awakens to discover a secret programme underway to create a cure for vampirism -- and she's the lanjut test subject.

Sam's traumatic childhood is revealed in flashbacks kapan he forces a manusia prisoner to treat Mohamad, who is near death from his grievous wounds.

The splintered team converges in ~ the sanctuary the Crooked Falls, but new behaviors presented by a fill of ferals alert them come a growing danger.

Scarlett and an allied from Crooked drops penetrate the hill tomb the the Elder, yet Dmitri is two measures ahead of them in releasing the old evil.

Vanessa and also Scarlett embark top top a mencari for the four Elders who totems can raise the Dark One, while the brand-new threat of vampire daywalkers grows.

Vanessa and Scarlett experience a loss but gain one oath that fealty indigenous the first Elder. Julius and also the others are dipegang hostage by Harrison and also his troops.

Seeking its shed totem, the very first Elder leads Vanessa, Scarlett and also Axel come a decaying previous insane asylum that's connected to a valve Helsing ancestor.

Vanessa is transported right into the life of her ancestor Lily valve Helsing in early american Hong Kong, wherein she fights the B'ah, lagi vampire Elder.

After they akan daywalkers, Ivory and also Scab return to the Sisterhood to uncover it in ruins. Sam's visions command him to begin pendidikan a worthy protégé.

Doc, Jolene, Julius and Flesh settle into new hidup in Denver. Vanessa, Scarlett and also Axel come in San francisco searching for the second Elder.

The Denver contingent learns the rules of life in the safe zone -- along with some disturbing secrets. Vanessa prepares because that a showdown.

Trapped underground, Mohamad has actually a vision the leads him come freedom. Axel bawa pulang a tape of survivors to Denver. The Sisterhood akan daywalkers.

Vanessa and also Scarlett monitor a map come an pulau where the third Elder is entombed, but dari mereka quarry's identification unexpectedly reasons them to hesitate.

To kekuasaan Doc to proceed her research, Denver officials arrest Jolene. Axel it s okay his crew safely to the city hanya as Ivory and the Sisterhood attack.

Ensnared in a gruesome trap, Vanessa is saw by the ghosts of she past, who kekuasaan her to reckon with the dark impulses cultivation inside her.

Axel return to his hometown, whereby he find a familiar face amongst the survivors fighting a tape of daywalkers. Sam embarks ~ above a search for Mohamad.

Axel is rejoined with Scarlett, but after he's blinded ketika fighting daywalkers, lock seek membantu from a mysterious guy living alone in the wilderness.

The paths of Vanessa, Scarlett, Axel, Mohamad and also Sam converge in a gruesome confrontation in between light and darkness that claims several casualties.

Vanessa embraces a brand-new philosophy while the secrets of Blak-Tek room revealed and also Sam pursues his evil agenda: resurrecting the Dark One.

After heavy losses, Vanessa escapes with Lily. Doc and Julius are recorded by Blak-Tek. Transformed into the fourth Elder, Sam works with the Oracle.

Julius trains Hansen's daughter, Violet, and also discovers she has tersembunyi powers. Vanessa saves a band of survivors pengarahan by Jack, a fierce teenage girl.

Axel forges an alliance with a i know good hedonist called Max, that is really the devilish warden the a jail camp whereby Flesh and Jolene have actually been captured.

Vanessa vow to usage her abilities just for good, but a vengeful Axel tracks her down. Sam and also the Oracle team with the sisters to resurrect Michaela.

Hansen expose the kebenaran about Violet to a party of visitors to Blak-Tek: Sam, the Oracle and Michaela. Axel plots to rest Flesh out of Max's prison.

Axel and Phil stay an epic journey right into the Badlands on the follow of a desperate Max, who has kidnapped Phil's wife, Jennifer, and her son, Owen.

United by their common bloodline and also shared visions, Vanessa, Violet and mendongkrak team up because that a showdown versus Sam, the Oracle, and the Dark One.

Violet meet an old friend while on the run. The Oracle tortures mendongkrak for information. Hansen's secret past together a valve Helsing acolyte is revealed.

A harrowing flashback discover that jack was separated from Violet and dari mereka father during a college archery team trip as soon as the climbing occurred.

Captured and forced to fight in a gladiator-style broadcast, Violet and also Julius fight Scab and Ivory with help from a newly united Axel and Jack.

Violet, Julius and Axel travel to fort Collins seeking pages missing from the van Helsing publication while jack and cream color disrupt a sister ceremony.

Aided through a hesitant Col. Nicholson, the team traps the Oracle, but she takes revenge ~ above Hansen. Mendongkrak and Violet open up a portal to the Dark Realm.

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Axel and Julius companion Nicholson to the mysterious Sunshine Unit in search of Doc. In the Dark Realm, Dracula plots her go back to the genuine world.

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