Olivia Rodrigo, mock Bassett and also Sabrina Carpenter space rumoured to it is in in a love triangle. Picture: Getty
Sabrina Carpenter has fans wonder if she's the reason behind an Olivia Rodrigo lyric. Picture: Sabrina Carpenter/Instagram
Sabrina Carpenter and Josh Bassett hung out on Halloween. Picture: Sabrina Carpenter/Instagram

Months later he to be pictured in ~ lunch through Sabrina and the two even attended a Halloween bash together Lavagirl and Sharkboy.

Still v us? Okay, therefore Olivia had fans encouraged she to be singing about a love competitor in 'Drivers License', yet there's an ext on that below.

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Olivia’s lyric in ‘Drivers License’ where she sings ‘And you’re most likely with the blonde girl/ Who selalu made me doubt/ she’s so lot older than me/ She’s whatever I’m insecure about’ had actually fans guessing it was around Sabrina, after they uncovered an original version that the song in i beg your pardon it was ‘brunette girl’.

Olivia Rodrigo and also Joshua Bassett dulu rumoured to be a couple in 2020. Picture: Getty

The love triangle theories ambil another turn as soon as Joshua Bassett released 'Lie lie Lie' and Sabrina exit 'Skin', whereby she sings some really telling lyrics:

Maybe we could have been friends

If ns met girlfriend in lainnya life

Maybe kemudian we mungkin pretend

There's no gravity in the words we write

Maybe friend didn't median it

Maybe "blonde" was the just rhyme

The just rhyme

Sabrina later said 'Skin' was 'not a diss track' and also that the 'isn't calling out one person', ketika Josh insisted his song 'was around a girlfriend who had been lied behind mine back'.

The couple doth protest as well much.

However, once Sabrina released the music video clip for 'Skin' the rumour mill hanya kept ~ above spinning.

The video clip has a lookalike of josh cuddling up to Sabrina the entirety time in a stormy setup and tambahan includes... A literal car.

Remember the name of Olivia's song, right?

The wild theory will likely keep ~ above coming yet Sabrina's fans room adamant 'Skin' is about the dislike she received for dating Joshua.

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It's one of two people a drama we'll tidak pernah know the jenuh story of or, provided that josh has hanya dropped lainnya song, 'Only a issue of Time', it's a perfectly-timed marketing strategy because that the trio which us can't hep but applaud.