We’re in the tengah of July but seeing these brand-new Park Shin Hye stills exit from her firm SALT entertain feels cool and also breezy come me. The ones through her hair messy and also up with very solid cheek blush makeup space B-stills from the recent magazine pictorial and I actually choose these better. The ones with the blue background and rambut extensions in a low pony room really gorgeous, I’m in love v her eye assembly which is so difficult to execute right to balance both solid pop however not overkill.

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Kim Tae Ri tops K-ent Insiders pick for Top an option as female Lead, complied with by Gong Hyo Jin and Song Hye Kyo


The ladies variation of the exact same insider polling results are out and deserves as lot attention as the men. In a surprised (for me in ~ least) pick, Kim Tae Ri obtained the paling votes with 6 together the actress the … continue reading →

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The summer time look has actually one facet that is composed of wet and/or messy rambut like you hanya got out the laut 30 minutes back and hastily donned a floor lubber outfit. It’s no my favorite look together it’s tough to … continue reading →


When ns heard that 2018 drama Why Secretary Kim to be still popular sufficient to be included to a current drama showcase in Japan, my first thought was Park Min Young. She is so popular in Japan for which started with … continue reading →

I’m tho perplexed regarding how jTBC greenlit Sisphus: The Myth and landed so countless A-listers come star. Park Shin Hye mungkin not have chosen far better on apa she mungkin have known, despite I would certainly say reading the script for … proceed reading →

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The Forbes 2021 ranking of strength Celebrity is out for South oriental entertainment and it contains not just actors and also actresses yet all celebrities including sports stars and MCs. This remains much more a snapshot of who had popular/breakout/buzzyworthy tasks in … continue reading →


Weddings have been cancelled or postponed because that over a tahun in numerous countries dari the pandemic began it’s actually nice to see one occur with a semblance of normalcy. K-actor Ryu Deok Hwan gained married in Seoul over the weekend, … continue reading →