Imagine marrying her longtime crush... That"s exactly what actor Paul Bettany did to the stunning Jennifer Connelly. Inspect out exactly how the pair met, and also how lengthy they"ve now been married!

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When Avengers: Infinity war actor Paul Bettany first laid eyes top top Jennifer Connelly, that knew Jen to be the one. The pair very first met on set on the 2001 film, A Beautiful Mind, wherein Russell Crowe in reality played Jennifer"s love interest in the movie. But did you know that Paul actually had actually a major crush on she even sebelum they met in real life?

Jennifer Connelly and also Paul Bettany met on set

Before castle starred in the exact same film together, Paul had actually watched Jennifer in movies like Labyrinth and Once ~ above a Time in America and to be not hanya impressed by she acting, but juga (and especially) she beauty. 


Paul Bettany and also Jennifer Connelly to visit the 9th yearly BAFTA/LA Tea Party on january 18, 2003 in Century City, California

Paul told Larry raja that upon bertemu each other throughout A Beautiful Mind, "it was pretty instant" on just how he felt about his connection towards her. However, they dulu both in committed relationship at the time.

Surprisingly, Paul juga stated the it was the September 11th strikes in new York that fueled him to panggilan Jennifer and admit his love towards her. 

"I invested two days trying to call this woman. (...) ns realized I remained in love. Therefore I ultimately got she on the phone and said "I"m comes over, and also let"s obtain married". And also that"s really maafkan saya happened. We had tidak pernah dated."


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Paul Bettany and Actress Jennifer Connelly attend the "China: through The feather Glass" Costume Institute manfaat Gala after Party in ~ The standard Hotel on may 4, 2015 in new York City

Jennifer stated okay, and also he flew instantly from his home in the UK come be v his masa depan wife in new York. The pair married on januari 1st, 2003 in a private ceremony in Scotland. Yes, that means that the two have been married because that 18 years! Connelly has a child from a vault relationship and also two youngsters (a son and daughter) with Paul. 

Paul Bettany"s dream come true, and also we wish the finest for this senang couple! You have the right to see Paul next in the comedy-drama, Uncle Frank, and also Jennifer in the action film Top Gun: Maverick