Artikel ini berisi puluhan olah soal untuk menghadapi Ujian Nasional (UN) SMP mata pelajaran Bahasa Inggris lima 2019 beserta pembahasannya.

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Hayo, udah siap belum nih untuk menghadapi Ujian Nasional bahasa inggris besok? Terkadang, kita hanya memikirkan bagaimana itu? menghafaltensesdan rumus-rumusnya. Padahal, apa lebih cukup adalah mengetahui dan memahami kalimat ataukah tulisan dalam bahasa inggris. Modernkan percuma kalau kita justru just dipusingkan mencapai rumus-rumus itu.

Demi menghadapi UNBK besok, coba aja asah kemampuan kamu mencapai berbagai praktek soal dan pembahasan berikut.


1. Topik :Announcement

Indikator :Peserta didik dapat mengidentifikasi usulnya spesifik dari announcement


Read the complying with announcement for concerns this number!

Due come the lengthy holiday throughout the an excellent nine students having actually the try out, all seventh class students have to complete their English homework from halaman 50 to 56.

How countless students having the try out?

A. 5 students

B. 7 students

C. 9 students

D. Every seventh grade students

Jawaban: C


Pengumuman pada memberitahukan bahwa sembilan siswa keunggulan sedang mandatnya uji coba, “...during the good nine students having the shot out…”. Maka jawaban yang tepat adalah c. 9 students.


2.Topik: Annoucement

Indikator: Peserta didik dapat mengidentifikasi bertanya spesifik dari announcement text

Read the complying with text for this concerns !

To: every member of course 7-F

Our class will join “The Cleanest class Competition 2018” on Saturday, march 12th 2018. Come prepare it, please all the member that the classroom conference at institution on sunday March 5th 2018 in ~ 9 a.m to awal cleaning and also decorating the classroom together.

Please which time.


Afif Saifuddien

The true statement based on the text above is…

A. The info is because that the students.

B. The place of the competition is in the auditorium.

C. The occasion will be held on 12 March.

D. The writer is a student.

Jawaban: C


Pernyataan yang sesuai menjangkau teks di atas adalah pilihan C buat tanggal 12 Maret menjadi diadakan lomba kelas terbersih sebagaimana terdapat pada paragraf pertama.


3.Topik: Notice

Indikator: Peserta didik dapat keluar definisi frasa apa terdapat diatas notice text

Questions because that this number!


The notice means that rakyat are not enabled to….

A. Action in children’s play area

B. Lug their children come animal’s area

C. Eat in the children’s play area

D. Carry their animal to children’s play area

Jawaban: D


Pemberitahuan di atas berisi restriksi untuk membawa anjing ke area bermain anak. Maka pernyataan apa sesuai adalah d. Carry their animal to children’s play area.


4.Topik: Notice

Indikator: Peserta didik dapat mengidentifikasi bertanya spesifik dari an alert text

Read the adhering to text because that this questions!


The antonym of words “allow” in the an alert above is….

A. Admit

B. Forbid

C. Agree

D. Permit

Jawaban: B


Kata allow pribadi makna ‘mengizinkan’. Antonim kata tersebut adalah “forbid” apa memiliki makna ‘melarang’. Sementara itu, kata admit bermakna ‘mengakui’, kata agree bermakna ‘menyetujui’ dan kata permit bermakna ‘mengizinkan’.


5.Topik: Descriptive

Indikator: Peserta didik dapat mengkategorikan benar atau salah suatu pernyataan berdasarkandescriptive text

Read the following text for this questions!

Pink Beach

Pink coast or pantai Merah anak laki-laki is one of the beaches in Komodo Island, east Nusa Tenggara. The coast is called Pink Beach because the sand beach is pink. The pink shade of its coast is a mixture of putih sand beach colors mixed with crushed coral, shells, calcium carbonate from marine invertebrates the are really small, and juga Foraminifera, microscopic amoeba that has a red tubuh shell.

At Pink Beach, there are so numerous marine organisms. No fewer than 1,000 species of fish, 260 types of coral, and also 70 types of sponge deserve to be discovered here. Having actually so much maritime life, this place is a appropriate spot because that snorkeling and also diving because that sea sports lovers.


The beach is referred to as Pink Beach because the sand coast is pink.

The synonym of words “called” is….

A. Given

B. Named

C. Based

D. Related

Jawaban: B


Kata “called” bermakna ‘disebut’. Kata lain apa memiliki makna yang sepadan adalah kata called (A). Di lain sisi, kata offered bermakna ‘diberikan’, kata based bermakna ‘berdasarkan’ dan kata associated bermakna ‘dihubungkan’.


6.Topik: Descriptive

Indikator: Peserta didik dapat menganalisa gagasan kepala paragraf berdasarkan descriptive text

Read the complying with text for this questions!

My home is split into two floors. Top top downstairs, I have all the important parts of the house sebagai as the kitchen, bathrooms, storage room and parking garage. On upstairs I have one room where I store the washer and also dryer and one huge terrace.

Downstairs, the floor is separated in eight rooms, four of them space bedrooms, other two space bathrooms and kemudian one kitchen and also one dining room.

In mine bedroom, I have actually a the majority of things inside, kemudian as a television, a playstations 3, and many trophies. In mine sister"s bedroom, there is a computer and also in the various other two bedrooms space for mine parent and also my various other sister.

Normally us eat in almost everywhere we want, however on minggu we eat bersama in the dining room. Ns really love mine house, the ar where we bisa share every little thing together.


The main idea the the very first paragraph is…

A. Bedroom is the important room in my house.

B. There is a computer in my sister’s room.

C. My home is divided into two floors.

D. ~ above upstairs over there is a kitchen.

Jawaban: C


Pertanyaan diatas soal adalah gagasan utama pada paragraf pertama dari teks. Paragraf pertama menceritakan kyung gambaran rumah secara keseluruhan yaitu dengan memiliki 2 lantai. Gagasan kepala biasanya terletak pada mulai paragraf kemudian halnya di atas teks. Oleh untuk itu jawaban apa benar adalah C.


7.Topik: Recount

Indikator: Peserta didik dapat menganalisis pernyataan apa termasuk atau noël termasuk di dalam recount text

Read the following text because that this questions!

Lazy Day

Last weekend I invested all job laying on mine bed. It was just like the Lazy track by Bruno Mars, “Today i don’t feel favor doing anything”. Yet sometimes doing nothing was hanya something that we required the most, specifically after a long and exhausted mainly in the office.

It was sunday and ns woke up in ~ 9 a.m in the morning. Ns looked around me and I saw a brand-new comic book that I just bought yesterday laying lanjut to my laptop. I tried to drag it closer come me by melihat my foot, and kemudian I picked it through my hand. Ns unwrapped the comic and also started analysis it. When I just reached the middle of the story, ns felt thirsty therefore I acquired up of my super comfortable bed and also walked out the room. I walked down the stairs right to the kitchen.

I opened up the fridge and also I uncovered a bottle full of cool orange juice. I opened the bottle and also poured the orange juice into a glass. As soon as I confirm my fridge, I observed that ns still had a leftover Pizza native yesterday, therefore I made decision to reheat that in my microwave. So ns sat in the kitchen for a ketika waiting the Pizza to be ready. As soon as the timer the the microwave was off, ns picked the Pizza up and also put it on mine plate. I aku mengambilnya my orange juice and my Pizza and also brought them bagian belakang into mine lair. Ns enjoyed the Pizza and the orange juice and continued to read my comic book. After the I determined to clock my favorite K-drama on my laptop, therefore I collection my portable laptop desk on mine bed. This way, ns could watch my favourite show without having actually to leave my super cozy bed.

Which the the adhering to statement is correct based on the text?

A. The writer watched the movie in the living room.

B. The writer woke up at 9 p.m in the evening.

C. The writer poured the mango juice into a glass.

D. The writer picked the pizza up from the microwave.

Jawaban: D


Mengacu di ~ kalimat terakhir ‘When the timer the the microwave was off, ns picked the Pizza up and put that on my plate,’yang dapat disimpulkan bahwa nanti timer microwave berhenti, ia mengabadikan pizza dan meletakkan di atas piringnya. Maka jawaban apa sesuai adalah d. The writer picked the pizza up from the microwave.


8.Topik: Recount

Indikator: Peserta didik dapat menganalisis gagasan terutama paragraf berdasarkan recount text

Read the complying with text because that this questions!

I really took pleasure in my holiday in Australia. Last Sunday I visited a marine park dubbed Sea world which to be at surfers’ Paradise near Brisbane. That Australia’s biggest marine park and I had actually a wonderful day there.

The first thing I observed was the Oceanorium wherein you bisa watch every sorts of sea fish and also animal under water. There menjadi huge turtles, sharks, and also a beautiful tropical sea fish. The most exciting point was watching a man feeding the sharks. The wore a khususnya diving suit. Kemudian I watched the performance of sea animals. The saw remained in a big outdoor swimming pool. There menjadi killer whales, dolphins and sea lions, and they go all type of terrific things in the water. Among the girl in the present rode about the pool on the bagian belakang of killing whale, and lainnya girl speak underwater top top the bagian belakang of a large turtle. After ~ the observed I had actually lunch. There menjadi several large restaurants in the park and I had actually lunch in a restaurant the was shape like a ship! kemudian I watched a exorbitant water skiing display which was telah terorganisir on a lake.

There dulu lots of various other things to perform at the park. Over there was lake cruising, a train ride, a huge water slide, swim pools, and also an incredible roller coaster dubbed the ‘corkscrew’- because it went 3 loops upside down. But I great I had gone top top the roller coaster ride before lunch quite than after it!


The main idea of the first paragraph is….

A. The writer really took pleasure in her vacation in Australia.

B. Marine Park is one of the finest places in Singapore.

C. The writer had actually a disastrous day in Australia.

D. There dulu lots of various other things to do in the park.

Jawaban: A


Paragraf pertama teks diatas bercerita kyung penulis apa sangat senang hari libur di Australia, maka jawaban yang tepat mengenai gagasan pokok di ~ adalah a. The writer really appreciated her vacation in Australia.


9.Topik: Narrative

Indikator: Diberikan teks laporan berupa fabel, peserta didik dapat membandingkan makna yang setara mencapai kata yang muncul di atas narrative text

Read the following text because that this questions!

Once ~ above a time there was a farmer that owned a tiny dog that he keeps continually by his side and a donkey, which resided in a warm stable and got lot of of fresh grain and sweet hay. But, regrettably the cheat was no satisfied through his condition.

"I servant all job long, hauling lumber or pulling the dare to market kapan the dog sleeps ~ above the master"s lap and also eats from his plate!," the donkey grumbled. "Perhaps, the thought, if he behaved like the dog, his master would reward him v the very same life that ease.

That very night, the donkey crept the end of the stable and into the house where the farmer sat at supper. "First I"ll frisk about and follow my tail, hanya as the dog does," komandan the donkey. And also he danced about the room, flinging increase his hooves until the table toppled over and also dishes go flying.

"Now I"ll sit on his lap!" claimed the donkey, and he placed his hooves increase on the master"s chair.

"Help! save me native this mad beast!" the terrified farmer bellowed. Kemudian his servants came berlari and, v shouts and also blows, drove the donkey bagian belakang to the stable.

"I expect I" m a good donkey, "the donkey lamented," but I"ll never be a lapdog!"

… which stayed in a heat stable and also got many of new … (Paragraph 1)

The synonym of words “stable” is….

A. Field

B. House

C. Pen

D. Balanced

Jawaban: C


Kata “stable” bermakna ‘kandang’. Kata lain apa memiliki makna apa sepadan adalah kata pen (C). Di lain sisi, kata field bermakna ‘lapangan’, kata home bermakna ‘rumah’ dan kata well balanced bermakna ‘seimbang’.


10.Topik: Narrative

Indikator: Diberikan sebuah teks laporan berupa cerita quenn (folklore), peserta didik dapat menganalisis gagasan kepala paragraf berdasarkan narrative text

Read the complying with text because that this questions!

Long ago, in an area in barat Sumatra, there to be a very aktif volcano named Mount Tinjau. In one town at the foot the Tinjau"s, there lived ten setiap orang consisting of ripe men and one woman. Orang called castle Bujang Sembilan. These nine brothers dulu Kukuban, Kudun, Bayua, Malintang, Galapuang, Balok, Batang, Bayang, and the youngest guy named Kaciak. While dari mereka brother the youngest to be a girl called Siti Rasani, nicknamed Sani. Both milik mereka parents passed away long ago, therefore Kukuban as the eldest son became the head the household. Every decisions menjadi in his hand.

Tenth brothers lived in a house of milik mereka parents" heritage. To make ends meet, they worked on farms ukurannya besar enough tradition of their parents. They were very professional at farming, due to the fact that they diligently helped his father and mother once they were alive. In addition, lock were also guided by dari mereka uncle called Datuk Limbatang, whom they referred to as Engku familiar.

Datuk Limbatang was a mamak in the town and had a son named Giran. Together a mamak, Datuk Limbatang had an excellent responsibility come educate and watch the life the its citizens, including the nephew"s tenth man. For that, every other day, he saw the house Kukuban brothers to teach them farming skills and perbedaan customs procedures for the area. Not infrequently Datuk Limbatang tambahan took his wife and son to get involved with him.


The main idea of the very first paragraph is…

A. Bujang Sembilan and anda sister live at the foot the Tinjau’s.

B. A unique town at the foot the Tinjau"s.

C. Setiap orang admired Bujang Sembilan.

D. Kukuban together the eldest son became the head of household.

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Jawaban: A


Ide basis paragraf duluan dari teks tersebut adalah Sembilan kakak laki-laki dan satu adik perempuannya yang hidup di feet gunung Tinjau. Berdasarkan bab tersebut, jawaban apa tepat adalahA. Bujang Sembilan and their sister live at the foot the Tinjau’s.


11.Topik: Advertisement

Indikator: Peserta didik dapat mengidentifikasi pertanyaan spesifik dari advertisement text