PT Tbk ( is a vertically integrated, export-oriented, diversity mining and also metals company. Through operational areas spread transparent Indonesia,'s tasks cover exploration, mining, processing and also marketing the nickel ore, ferronickel, gold, silver, bauxite, alumina and coal. United by the same goal i beg your pardon is to boost the value of the firm through reducing prices in line v growing business in order to create sustainable profits, our employee work bersama in stimulate to realize the Company's Vision & Mission with the spirit of SOEs because that Indonesia.

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Why Us to trust that manusia Resourcesis one of the necessary assets that the company. Quality manusia resources will certainly be sustainable v the application of makin evolving an innovation that will bring about the success of optimistic performance of the Company.

We declared our human Resources as “Insan,” based on our values ”PIONEER” (Professionalism, Integrity, an international Mentality, Harmony, Excellence, and Reputation), who actualization starts through a leader characterized by “SENSE” (Speed, Energize, Respect, and also Courage), we will bring Insan to the kadarnya of umat ​​manusia Capital Excellence i m sorry is defined by BEST (Beyond Expectation, ecological Awareness, and Synergized Partnership).

Some reasons why you require to sign up with us.

A great Place come Work.A dynamic work setting coupled through mutually supportive, encouraging and also family work relationships that reflect one of's values, Harmony. In the face of rapid readjust at this time, encourages and also / or is open to ide ide and developments by Insan

Remuneration and also's remuneration system selalu refers come the competitive pasar salary in the mining service world. In the instance of health facilities, promises employee welfare through jenuh health benefits to's people.

Career has actually a career administration system that allows all's orang the chance to akan future leaders.

Growth & guarantees constant learning through mendidik and mentoring activities. As part of Mining industri Indonesia (MIND ID), opportunities for enrichment and self-development are opened up that can help employees improve and / or use experience, knowledge, and an abilities through the talent mobility program among fellow members the the holding.

We selalu recruit the best pribadi to anticipate development and worldwide challenges. is not responsible for any kind of losses brought about by recruitment fraud in the name of PT Tbk.

* False Account Numbers

Visit the nearest financial institution in accordance v the account numberi stated in the fraud advertising to report itReport fake account numbers digunakan by fraudsters in the surname of reactora.netThe financial institution will bring out lebih jauh investigationsApplying because that a block of fake account numbers to reduce similar incidents.

Account Check. Or before you ayunkan money for virtual transaction needs, examine the recipient's account through: To confirm that the recipient's account has never been reported by the publik or has actually been suggested as a crime. Furthermore, the publik can report the account number bersama with the fraud mode and kemudian verify it if the account mageri and setting is fraudulent.Report to OJK. The Financial services Authority (OJK) has tambahan opened account fraud complain services. You perform this through photographing the screen, or screen capture SMS / E-mail, kemudian sent come OJK via E-mail to consumer
. In addition, the publik can contact OJK customer services through numbers 1-500-655.

Where have the right to I acquire information about's project vacancies?

You can discover information around's project vacancies on our secara resmi website career Opportunities and also our official sosial media.

Where can I upload / send task application files?

You can upload / send job application records through a connect that deserve to be accessed only as soon as the recruitment periode is open.

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I acquired an invitation for a recruitment process that is suspicious, where have to I make a report to verify information about recruitment?

You deserve to make a verify requestby emailing to recruitment