If you’re interested in ramping up your video marketing strategy in 2021, you’re probably doing some research into the finest platforms to use. If you’re make the efforts to malu out how YouTube fits into your approach, we have actually a perform of 27 must-know YouTube statistics to membantu you understand exactly how the communication is being used right now.

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Let’s destruction in.

1. YouTube has actually over 2 exchange rate monthly aktif users

YouTube is saw by almost a quarter of the world’s population, boasting a resounding 2 exchange rate monthly positif users. It’s fair to assume that this method YouTube has a pretty diverse user base and also your organization can likely connect to your target audiences.

2. YouTube is the second paling popular website in the world

According come Alexa’s peak sites, YouTube generates the second paling traffic of every websites in the world, second only come Google. (which juga owns YouTube). This means that audiences are commonly referencing YouTube for every little thing from entertainment come how-to videos.

3. 16.5% that YouTube’s net traffic comes from the US

The United claims accounts because that the largest percentage that YouTube’s net traffic at 16.4%, complied with by India v 9.3% and Japan through 4.9%.

4. YouTube is the second largest mencari engine in the world

Not just is YouTube the second paling popular website in the world behind Google, it’s also the second largest temukan engine in the dunia behind Google. This goes come show hanya how necessary YouTube SEO is, due to the fact that yes, this video clip platform is for sure a video and information mencari tool.

5. YouTube is tangan kedua by 55% that marketers

According to sosial Media Examiner’s 2020 industri report, YouTube is digunakan by 55% the marketers, produksi it the paling used video channel for video clip marketing. Establishing or maintaining a presence on YouTube can membantu marketers continue to be competitive with various other brands and ensure they have a existence on the best platforms.

6. Rakyat watch over 1 billion hours of YouTube video isi each day

Not only melakukan YouTube have a besar user base, however they also have a highly engaged one v over 1 billion hours of video isi being regarded each and every day. Through the right video isi strategy and optimizations like YouTube descriptions, any form of brand can discover an audience for dari mereka videos.

7. YouTube is available in over 100 countries and also 80 languages

Another great statistic showcasing the wide range of customers is the YouTube’s video clip platform is easily accessible in over 100 countries and is localized into 80 berbeda languages. You can reach a wide selection of demographics and also even i announced video isi in various languages come bolster an international marketing strategy.

8. Over 500 hours of video content is uploaded to YouTube every minute

Don’t obtain lost in the noise. End 500 hours of video clip is uploaded come YouTube every minute, for this reason you have to do every little thing you can throughout the upload procedure to ensure her video isi gets seen.

Plan a emphasis keyword, strategically craft your video title and description, and also don’t forget about YouTube mencari optimization so your videos will rank greater in search.

You can even incorporate hashtags right into your YouTube video isi to signal what topics your video is related to.

9. 1 in 3 baby boomers walk on YouTube to learn more about a product or service

YouTube’s audience isn’t only limited to younger generations. In fact, there’s a huge percent of baby boomers who space on the video platform together well.

And out of that audience, around 33% that them use YouTube come learn much more about a product or service. This a crucial opportunity to turn itu views into conversions, so if this generation is a part of your audience, you definitely want to be membagikan explainer videos and tutorials on your YouTube channel.

10. 68% of baby boomers watch YouTube videos for entertainment

While a 3rd of boomers room interested in explainer videos, a two-thirds majority want to watch video content for entertainment. Creating a balance that product-centric video isi and engaging video content is a need to for a successful video clip strategy.

11. 72% of us men and also US women usage YouTube

An same amount that both men and also women in the us are aktif YouTube users, v of 72% internet users who recognize as each sex reporting the they usage the platform. This is lainnya stat the backs increase the fakta that no matter who you’re targeting for her marketing, it’s very likely they’re active on YouTube.

12. Views on videos targeted at “beginners” enhanced 50% in 2020

2020 was essentially a tahun of quarantine and masyarakat distancing, which disutradarai many setiap orang to mencari for new hobbies and cara to spend milik mereka time. This ended up being especially clear when YouTube saw a 50% uptick in see on videos target at beginners and learning new things because that the very first time.

This method it’s the perfect time to awal trying come reel new customers right into your niche with video clip marketing content created for newbies to your product or service.

13. Much more than 70% the YouTube isi is watched on mobile devices

Make sure you create your video isi so it’s mobile friendly. Over 70% that YouTube videos room watched on mobile devices, for this reason you should be sure you don’t have any kind of hard-to-read message on her videos therefore users v smaller displays can still get the sepenuhnya experience.

14. YouTube reaches an ext 18-34 year olds than any kind of other TV network

Trying come decide where to put your video advertising spend? If you want to reach older gen Zers and Millennials, YouTube is going to be your ideal bet together it reaches an ext 18-34 tahun olds than any kind of other TV network. Plus, 77% of 15–35 tahun olds in the US have an active presence ~ above the video app.

15. 89% of video clip marketers plan to include YouTube in milik mereka 2021 video clip marketing strategy

It’s crucial to save up with maafkan saya other marketers and also brands in your industry are doing, and also the statistics show that video will continue to be a kepala area that focus. Almost 9 in 10 video marketers untuk merencanakan to incorporate YouTube into anda 2021 video marketing strategy.

16. YouTube is the most widely digunakan social platform amongst US adults

This stat goes to show how powerful video isi and the communities built about it can be. Of us adults, YouTube is the paling widely tangan kedua social media platform v 73% hold an active presence ~ above the app, higher than various other ‘traditional’ sosial networks.

17. 62% that YouTube users access the site daily, 92% weekly

YouTube has a wildly active audience. More than half of all YouTube users accessibility the app daily. An ext than 9 out of 10 users accessibility the application each week. And almost all of milik mereka users (98%) room watching video isi at the very least once a month. V this type of engagement and also return viewership, you can uncover a loyal audience if friend invest the moment to create worthwhile video clip content.

18. 81% of parental with kids aged 11 or younger let dari mereka kids watch YouTube

This is a an excellent statistic because that brands selling toys and also products geared towards younger children. 81% of parents with youngsters aged 11 or younger allows dari mereka kids to watch isi on YouTube. This offers an incredibly distinct opportunity because that brands to create ads and also marketing isi that is kid- and family-focused.

Yet another gejala of the presence children have on YouTube is the fakta that “Baby Shark Dance” is the most viewed video clip on the app, raking in over 7 billion views. That barely beat the end “Despacito” and also has nearly dobel the see of sensational track “Gangnam Style.”

19. 81% of individuals watch videos based on the platform’s recommended content

Around 4 the end of 5 customers watch video isi at least occasionally based on what YouTube proposal in the sidebar. This way you should be optimizing your content and incorporating YouTube hashtags come ensure the communication knows what topics your videos are around and will certainly be an ext likely to introduce it.

20. YouTube to be the 4th most downloaded iPhone app in 2020

Behind Zoom, TikTok and Disney+, YouTube to be the 4th paling downloaded iPhone app in 2020. This just goes to show the video platform’s continuous popularity, especially on mobile where it’s essentially always within with of audiences.

21. Over 65% of individuals say YouTube isi feels favor real life

What this means is that viewers space connecting through YouTube isi in a method that helps them feel favor they’re living apa they’re watching. After a tahun in a an international pandemic, this is a necessary method to help people tho feel linked to dari mereka passions, hobbies and kesatuan life activities. This tambahan ties in through the platform’s very nice to gen Z consumers, who value authenticity in marketing.

22. Over there are more than 37 juta YouTube channels

Over 37 million YouTube channels have to be created. Out of itu 37 million+ channels, 230,000 YouTube channels have more than 100,000 subscribers, 22,000 YouTube channels have more than 1 juta subscribers and also 700 YouTube channels have an ext than 10 million subscribers.

23. The paling popular YouTube channel has actually 171 juta subscribers

The most popular YouTube channel is referred to as T-Series, and boasts end 171 million subscribers. The next paling popular YouTube networks are YouTube Movies, Music, PewDiePie and Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes.

24. The highest paid YouTube channel is Ryan ToysReview

Raking in $29.5 million each year, child YouTube star Ryan Kaji native Ryan ToysReview runs the highest possible grossing channel. The 2nd highest paid YouTube channel is Mr. Beast, pass in $24 million.

25. YouTube produced over $5 billion in proclaiming revenue in Q3 2020

YouTube is a promising heralding platform for brands, generating over $5 exchange rate in heralding revenue in the 3rd quarter of 2020 alone.

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Ramp up her YouTube marketing strategy

Use these YouTube facts and stats to help you ramp up your YouTube marketing strategy. It’s essential to have actually a an excellent grasp on her marketing platforms, consisting of the backgrounds and also usage trends of the audiences on them therefore you recognize which methods are ideal for your brand and your bottom line.