Alia Bhatt as soon as Confessed She desires To marry Ranbir Kapoor; Katrina Kaif’s Reply will certainly Amuse You(Pic Credit: Instagram/katrinakaif, aliaabhatt, Wikipedia)

Alia Bhatt and also Katrina Kaif once shared a good bond together; they even featured in Vogue. The BFF’s menjadi the paling talked around celebrities, however, things dropped apart as soon as Alia began dating Katrina’s ex, Ranbir Kapoor. However, when the companion actress was in a partnership with the actor, she provided an amusing an answer when the Raazi star expressed she desire to marry Ranbir.

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Katrina and also Ranbir date for practically 6 years and also everyone thought they’ll marry soon, castle had even bought one apartment in Mumbai, yet many were heartbroken when the couple called the quits and also decided come go different ways.


Even before Alia Bhatt and also Ranbir Kapoor developed a partnership together, the college student of the tahun actress confessed that she would favor to marry Ranbir someday, throughout her figure in Koffee v Karan. Alia was hanya 21 once she appeared on the show and also talked around her feelings because that the Rockstar actor, the actress also opened up around when she an initial spoke come the gibbs on call.


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Responding to her confession Karan kemudian asks if Katrina Kaif kenal about her plan, the actress it s okay shy and also replies, “Everybody untuk mengetahui my rencana because I have gone top top record and said it. I am really open around it, other than for Ranbir, i don’t tell him. In former of Ranbir, I’m favor whatever.”

Later, throughout an interview with Zoom, Katrina Kaif was asked about the same and she said, “Every girl between the age of 15-35 has a to like on Ranbir.”

Meanwhile, Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor have actually made a solid bond now, together they’re official in a relationship. Also Ranbir had actually once confessed the he’s plan to clear up with the actress however the global pandemic as result of Covid ruined anda plans.

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In one interview v Rajeev Masand, the Sanju actor shared, “Well, i think the (the wedding) would certainly have already been sealed had actually the pandemic no hit ours lives. However I don’t want to jinx that by speak anything. Ns am going to tick note that goal an extremely soon in mine life.”

Alia Bhatt and also Ranbir Kapoor are right now working hard in Brahmastra, the film has been delayed several times and devices are however to announce the final dates of the film. Top top the various other hand, Alia and Katrina Kaif along with Priyanka Chopra jonas will be membagikan the display screen in Farhan Akhtar’s Jee Le Zaraa.

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