has 5 campuses roughly the Jabodetabek area.

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All our campuses are safe, secure, and equipped through cutting edge framework to boost every child’s discovering experience and skill-building.

Our colleges offer a mix of the international Baccalaureate and also Cambridge programs.

We target to create students who are academically strong, have actually an global perspective, recognize the finding out process, and are well equipped for life-long learning.


At Lippo Village, us care about individual student requirements and their growth, and also we build solid and lasting connections with them.

* Lippo town was constructed in 1993 and we are located barat of sampanye city in the well-developed complex of Lippo Village. Ours campus is spread out over 10 hectares of spacious grounds and excellent facilities, consisting of an Olympic sized swim pool, sepenuhnya size soccer field, architecture and modern technology rooms, science labs, library and also more. The facilities enhance our scholastic curriculum and enable us to stretch and tantangan children to it is in the ideal they can be.

We adopt the sepenuhnya International Baccalaureate (IB) program from kindergarten come grade 12, and our results are consistently above the dunia average IB results.

* sentul City is the real 2nd home for your child. Our student dormitory, Pelita harapan House, is just a couple of minutes berjalan from our spacious and green campus, supplying students a well-balanced life.

* sentul City was started in 1994 in the green and also pleasant hills southern of jakarta and near Bogor. The campus is spread out over 10 hectares that spacious grounds and also excellent facilities sebagai as a gymnasium, swim pool, fields, science, labs, library and more.

We adopt the full International Baccalaureate (IB) programme from Kindergarten to grade 12 so that children develop inquiry actions alongside strong character properties that will prepare them for a complicated and global dunia as adults.


At Lippo Cikarang, our students thrive to menjadi healthy and senang individuals who love God and others. Lippo Cikarang was founded in 1995 and is located eastern of champa in Bekasi. The is constructed in a pleasant housing kompleks at Lippo Cikarang close come a multi-national and modernis industrial area. Our campus is spread out over 6 hectares the spacious grounds with penuh facilities seperti as a gymnasium, swimming pool, fields, scientific research labs, library, canteen, and theater.

We it is adapted the Cambridge Curriculum as much as Grade 10 and the international Baccalaureate Diploma program (IB DP) for Grade 11-12. English is the language of instruction through Bahasa Indonesia compulsory because that all and also Korean also an option. Kemang town is a diverse, global community, v a tight-knit relationship based upon Christian values, whereby talents and also gifts have the right to flourish. Kemang village was founded in 2010 and is constructed in high-rise perkembangan in the metropolitan area of southern Jakarta. Our large and modernis facility gives open and inviting discovering spaces that feature a full-size gymnasium, indoor swimming pool, out courts, performing art theatre, scientific research labs, library, canteen, and classrooms. Our infrastructure are at this time being enhanced through the addition of a brand-new playground, fitness room, food modern technology lab, and also soccer field.

We utilize the Cambridge Curriculum as much as Grade 10 and also the global Baccalaureate Diploma programme for qualities 11-12. The combination of these two curricula prepares our students especially well because that the obstacles of university and life success.

As the newest of 5 campuses, Pluit town provides modern, safe, and inviting finding out spaces for its dynamic finding out community.

We are tambahan equipped v qualified and also experienced educators from different countries about the world. Pluit town opened in 2014. Situated in the Pluit town complex, it gives a closer-to-home choice for all those living in Pluit, PIK, and also the surrounding utara Jakarta area. As of 2021, v its brand-new expansion, it will certainly be all set to offer qualities K-10.

Our modern facility gives open and inviting finding out spaces that attribute collaborative finding out spaces, a library, labs, music rooms, an at home gymnasium, canteens, and permainan spaces. We juga have an out basketball court and soccer field.

More 보다 a location to stay.

PHH provides students with a donate community, dynamic environment and also balanced programs to nurtures dorm residents to be independent learners.

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My surname is Gregg Thompson and also for these previous two years, I have been appointed as the director of strategy Initiatives and the academic Principal the LV senior School. I’ve had 40 year of experience in Christian education and an ext than 30 years of leadership roles experience. Throughout my career, I have spent 8 years as a teacher of berbeda subjects at the Wheaton Academy, 8 years at Westminster institutions of bor as a computer Science Teacher and the Upper college Principal, and I to be the Head of college at first Presbyterian Day institution for 22 years.

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I was attracted to since of that vision and mission the sees Christian education as a means to tabrakan the hearts and also minds that students and also families in the schools and throughout the negara of Indonesia. I believe that will remain faithful come the mission and vision that has actually guided the school for 28 years in equipping tomorrow’s leaders to have a heart because that Christ and for serving others. My deep hope for our students di sini is for them to look very closely at the Truths the Scripture and grow in their relationship v Christ as they prepare to menjadi all He has actually equipped them to be.

Educational Background:

Master of arts in pendidikan Administration K-12 – Reformed Theological SeminaryBachelor the Science tingkat in Mathematics and also Secondary education Certificate – Wheaton College