Song Joong Ki, one of the most famous and paling popular actor in Korea (thanks come his role as Yoo Si Jin in the fight drama, descendants of the Sun) is originally a cast member of the top selection show, berlari Man. The display features games, missions, and also challenges v teams contending with each other. From the an extremely first episode up to ilustrasi 41, Joong Ki is well-known in the present as the 'Enthusiastic Youth', 'Active Joong Ki' and 'Brainy Joong Ki'. To reminisce his ideal scenes in the show, here's the optimal 10 moment you'd love to watch again.

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Episode 4

Joong Ki is not only well-known for his nickname 'Brainy Joong Ki'. He's juga athletic and also competitive. In one of the earliest illustration of berlari Man, he verified off his sporty side by efficiently executing the manusia rocket challenge. Of course, he's gained the support of Sparta Kook by being the forced action, however Joong Ki's the opposite reaction was made in a handsome perilaku (even Jae Suk doubted why does he need to be so handsome in the water). His teammates was so amazed, they even exclaimed 'wonderful!'.




Episode 12

In this episode, the other untuk berlari Man members were asked to trick Joong Ki in a rate quiz. That was also revealed that before he became an actor, he showed up as a contestant ~ above KBS Quiz Korea and also he menang second place. Sejak his photo is being clever (as per the PD's instruction) anda mission is to beat the in the pertanyaan and prize challenge. Every one of them should obtain one correct answer, other than Joong Ki, to acquire the running ball. The 7 members, worrying the they might not win his intellect, reviewed the concerns beforehand. However, Joong Ki became a huge threat to the running Man's mission due to the fact that he almost got four correct answers!

Episode 17

Although that is smart, Joong Ki is selalu the very first one to be eliminated during the surname tag ripping game. Yet in this episode, he miraculously conserved the Mission Team by perfect the task sebelum Sparta Kook recorded him. Anda mission is to find the college bells and ring it, yet as the solid Chasing Team gathers (Sparta Kook, Ace Ji Hyo, Haroro, Gary, and also the guest, go Joo-won) almost all of the Mission Team menjadi eliminated. As soon as Yong Hwa was caught, only Joong Ki was the remaining member, and he still have one bell to find. An excellent thing, he uncovered the bell just in time, because Sparta Kook was virtually there to record him. For the first time, he came to be the MVP that the day!

Episode 32

It's hanya comical exactly how you will certainly be reminded that Draco Malfoy from harry Potter in this episode. In this office-themed challenge, they are asked to permainan basketball kapan sitting in anda office chairs. Due to the fact that of the game, Joong Ki to explode out, claiming the he is the Chairman's son, and he endangered the the opposite team as he bravely tells the he will certainly tell his father around this (which is hanya so comparable to Draco's memukul line: my father will certainly hear around this!) Indeed, he was choose a spoiled child in this episode. However what's funnier is apa happened lanjut - after that arrogantly threatens him, Gary pulled kembali his chair and also he dropped off it!

6. When he's about to win however he just can't

Episode 14

In this 'find the thief' mission, Joong Ki had almost win the challenges to to escape the map game, but it seems like he's the end of an excellent energy to victory it. First, he challenged Gwang Soo in the 3-6-9 Bibo-Bibo game, and also they currently reached a high numberi when suddenly, the made a mistake through the counting. Thus, Gwang Soo wins and also Joong Ki stayed in the game. In the second chance, that is tambahan the qualifier for the last round. That faced versus Gary in the 'I come Alone' game, wherein one member phone call numbers and also the corresponding numberi of numbers need to stand up. But kemudian again, he shed to Gary and also he shed the possibility to escape the map game.

Episode 29

During this episode, running Man members were asked to take a photograph of an pet that suits each other. Later on, they menjadi asked to complete anda profiles, by providing out milik mereka animal's nicknames, age, weight, height, ambition, and specialty. Due to the fact that of the current episode's dance challenge, Joong Ki became confident sufficient to write 'dance' together his specialty, and also proudly presented the dance relocate he learned indigenous TVXQ (and it looks funny). Jae Suk had also noticed his fast wit during that day, together he teases Ji Hyo's cursing abilities together his specialty, and also that her ambition is to it is in a cursing grandmother.

4. Once he's extremely confident that his drawing after acquisition 'Art Classes'

Episode 27

The truth about Joong Ki's illustration abilities have actually been confirmed during these 'chain drawing' objectives in berlari Man. The enthusiastic Joong Ki declared that he ambil art classes especially for untuk berlari Man's drawing challenge. However, it turns out that his arts classes is that just of a beginner's level, since even his teammates cannot comprehend his abstract artwork. His funny illustrations of kebersihan (which he percaya is a robot) and also kangaroo is hanya memorable.

Episodes 12 and 41

The art troubles with Joong Ki started in ilustrasi 12, as soon as he passionately attract one the Andy Warhol's paint (which is funny because he's clueless on how negative the illustration is). Also, on ilustrasi 41, he once again confirmed his imagination in art by relaying the drawing that turned into something else. His chaste face and pride in acquisition art great is just funny!

Episode 27

Another weak of our positif Joong Ki is dancing, where he is being teased for his stiff dance moves. Watching and also seeing his established face ketika doing a wave will absolutely make you laugh! friend won't even imagine that the quite boy has actually some weakness once it involves dancing. Also so, he remained confident around his dancing skills, and the untuk berlari Man members cheered him on together he execute his really best to dance. Fighting!

2. As soon as the very first Song-Song couple moment to be made (and that kissed Ji Hyo ~ above the cheeks)

Episode 15

The origin of Song-Song pair started in episode 15, once all the male running Man members, consisting of the guests Kim Kwang Kyu and tony Ahn, was provided a mission to boost Ji Hyo's heartbeat. Because Ji Hyo was selalu wearing her empty expression, the score of the mission is to do her loss in love. Berbeda techniques and strategies were made by the members. Gwang Soo and Haha were so funny, and Jae Suk and also Suk Jin's retro style.

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But there's one candidate that absolutely created the romantic atmosphere. Joong Ki, gift an actor through a pretty face, go his really best to win Ji Hyo's love by kissing her suddenly on she cheeks! in ~ first, it was a awkward encounter till Joong Ki appeared to gain his stamin in confessing to Ji Hyo. Also though it's hanya a mission, (and Joong Ki think of it together for the services of win the untuk berlari Ball) fans of RM began to think the they look great together. This cheesy train scene to be the start of Song-Song couple, kapan the Monday Boyfriend, Gary, acted funny together he verified his jealousy in the direction of Joong Ki.

Episode 18

The story of Song-Song couple doesn't finish in episode 15. Ours Pretty Boy's romantic strike with Ji Hyo continues in the Cruise Special episode of running Man. The challenge, which is to a date, produced the chance for Joong Ki and also Ji Hyo to re-enact the well known scene indigenous Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet's blockbuster film, Titanic. See the two in milik mereka romantic scene in the deck buatlah the other berlari Man members walk squeal (even Lizzy can't organize it in). It seems so real, and also the step is hanya perfectly romantic!

But gift in the deck while spreading Ji Hyo's arms and also being covering by Joong Ki's embrace is not the orgasm of the scene. Di sini is the best part of it:

The suddenly confession is just... Superb! Suddenly, it was all romantic, lovely, and cheesy, together if the dunia suddenly stopped and also the clock won't tick! you can tambahan see in Ji Hyo's eyes that she's reasoning of maafkan saya to answer! yet given the atmosphere, she's paling likely to say 'yes!'

However, this is just a selection show, and whatever was done is just for the mission (which is to gain the running ball). To finish this romantic scene, Jae Suk dubbed for a stop, and the Monday Boyfriend, Gary, developed a funny atmosphere by being angry. Also, it wasn't Joong Ki who won the berlari ball, due to the fact that Ji Hyo decided Gary in the finish (it was Monday after all, thus it's going to be the Monday Couple)!

That's it!

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