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Actress Shin Hye sun who make a wonderful shift in K-dramaland, is now acquiring lots of pan in different bagian of the world. Due to her humorous and also excellent acting in the romantic-comedy collection "Mr. Queen," the woman artist was able to build a solid connection come the viewers.

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Most of her projects dulu filled through romance, comedy, and also melodrama category in i m sorry she had showcased her functional acting.

Shin Hye Sun"s top Men

Scene-stealer actress Shin Hye sun indeed has the finest leading men all throughout her K-drama career. Actors Sung Hoon, Park Si Hoo, apa Se Jong, Kim Myung Soo, and also Kim Jung Hyun dulu the oriental heartthrobs whom the actress was able to bagikan the screen with.


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The actress was able to construct a comfortable link with she previous top men. She is juga a fan like any kind of other lady. She effectively fulfilled she dream that working v actor apa Se Jong whom she considered herself a pan of.

Shin Hye Sun explained her co-stars differently, but actor Sung Hoon somehow stands out among all of them. And also here"s the factor why.

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Shin Hye sunlight Admits Sung Hoon is a finest Kisser

When Shin Hye sunlight was still starting her career together an actress, she to be paired with various actors that were tambahan known in the industry. In one of the "Happy Together" episodes, Shin Hye Sun and Sung Hoon appeared as guests.


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The hold talked about anda kissing step in the 2016 series "Five Enough." throughout the broadcast, Shin Hye sunlight confessed that actor Sung Hoon is the finest kisser, which make the actor senang and shy in ~ the exact same time.

The two had actually solid chemistry in the drama that even some the the fans speculated that Sung Hoon and Shin Hye sunlight dated before. Yet nothing has been confirmed around the rumor. It"s hanya that they menjadi really an excellent actors who menjadi immersed in milik mereka characters.

Still 17 Actress explains Her right Boyfriend and also Ideal Husband exactly the Opposite

With all the leading males that Shin Hye Sun worked with, she had the ability to prove that she can develop a solid rapport with each and every among them.


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And hanya like any type of other kesatuan lady, Shin Hye Sun tambahan has her appropriate man. But, she has berbeda preferences as soon as it comes to her ideal boyfriend and an ideal husband. Follow to the "Still 17" actress, she likes the poor guy kind as she boyfriend and exactly the opposite to her ideal husband, who she desires to it is in sweet and gentlemanly.

Shin Hye sunlight is recognized for having actually a bright and also friendly kepribadian which buatlah everyone feel really comfortable about her.

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Which among Shin Hye Sun"s leading men has the best chemistry through her? share your thoughts through us in the comments!

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Written by Shai Collins.

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