It’s time come say goodbye come the exhausting post collection that is Dramatop: korean Drama Rankings 2016.

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 The goal of Dramatop is simple and easy to attain (although data gathering and ensuring their accuracy is tiring), and also that is to rank oriental dramas based on milik mereka nationwide typical TV ratings indigenous Nielsen Korea. Fifty kdramas (29 free-to-air and 21 cable dramas) are included in 2016 ranking and of course, Dramatop will not be able to complete its mission till the complete ranking is released. So, di sini it is!

Complete Ranking of Free-to-Air Dramas

Average: in its entirety 9.97%, KBS 10.39%, MBC 7.55%, SBS 11.74%

Descendants of the sun (28.58%)Romantic doctor Teacher Kim (20.39%)Doctors (18.41%)Moonlight attracted By Clouds (18.29%)Legend that the Blue Sea (17.60%)Remember: battle of the young (15.00%)Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul-ho (12.88%)W – Two people (11.63%)Jealousy Incarnate (10.51%)Monster (9.73%)Uncontrollably Fond (9.41%)Jackpot (9.33%)Shopping king Louis (9.06%)Woman through a Suitcase (8.39%)On the means to the plane (8.36%)Lucky romantic (8.16%)Entertainer (7.74%)Moon Lovers: Scarlet love Ryeo (7.59%)The understand of Revenge (7.33%)Goodbye Mr. Hitam (6.52%)Wanted (6.37%)Oh mine Geum-bi (6.06%)Sweet Stranger and also Me (5.56%)One More happy Ending (5.23%)Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-jo (4.619%)Night irradiate (4.615%)Come kembali Ajusshi (4.46%)Beautiful mind (3.91%)Moorim college (3.53%)
Descendants of the sun is the highest-rated oriental drama in 2016 (free-to-air category). through an average evaluasi of 28.58% and also peak of 38.80%, DOTS established itself as the monstrous struggle drama of the year. It is the just drama in 2016 that surpassed the 20% note in its 2nd week and juga the only one that reached over 30% in ratings. Thus it is organic that it holds this 2016 titles: the highest-rated KBS drama, top Wed-Thu drama, and drama with the most-watched finale and highest-rated episode.

Complete Ranking that Cable Dramas

Average: overall 3.93%, tvN 4.82%, JTBC 1.97%, OCN 3.34%

Goblin (12.81%)Signal (8.82%)Oh Hae Young Again (6.88%)Cheese in the Trap (5.96%)Dear mine Friends (5.07%)The K2 (4.86%)The great Wife (4.67%)Drinking Solo (3.56%)Let’s struggle Ghost (3.39%)38 job Force (3.34%)Memory (2.92%)My Wife’s having actually an to work this main (2.82%)Cinderella and Four Knights (2.76%)Rude miss out on Young Ae Season 15 (2.60%)Fantastic (2.36%)Mirror the the Witch (2.34%)Ms. Temper and Nam Jung-gi (2.24%)Pied Piper (2.14%)Age that Youth (1.33%)Entourage (1.00%)Madame Antoine (0.71%)
Goblin is the highest-rated oriental drama in 2016 (cable category). Kim Eun-sook sure tahu how to write stories that lure the korean audience. As if DOTS is not enough, her 2nd drama project last year which is Goblin also became really successful in Korea and abroad. The drama tercapai an all-time high rating of 18.68%. Return this is not enough to beat reply 1988’s document of 18.80%, it secured one average peringkat of 12.81% which surpassed Reply’s 12.43%. Thus it currently holds the record of being the highest-rated oriental cable drama of every time.

OK, that’s it. Space you senang to see your favorite dramas on top of the list? Or you’re therefore disappointed come see them in ~ the bottom that the ranking? If it’s the last case, it’s alright. Like what I’ve said in the intro of this write-up series, low ratings do not necessarily imply that a drama is negative (in directing, writing, acting, etc.). Maafkan saya they tell united state is that only a kecil portion the the audience bothered to clock the drama throughout its run. And also why is that the case? as well as a sourse of factors that impact how the viewers decision which dramas to watch, every individual has actually his/her own drama preference. One could think that drama X is so negative or so-so yet others may think otherwise.

If friend consider this ranking in deciding the lanjut dramas you would certainly like to watch, please perform so without relying too much on the list. That is not best to to exclude, Beautiful Mind or Age the Youth in your next-to-watch list hanya because lock have really poor ratings. To understand whether or not a specific kdrama deserves its low (or high ratings), check out reliable reviews and also comments about it online.

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I would like to end this post collection by reminding anyone that paling of us, if not all, watch oriental dramas mostly to entertain ourselves; hence it doesn’t really issue if you’re the town hall a kdrama as an excellent as Signal or something the no one seems to care about. So long as friend like it, hanya hit the permainan button and also enjoy!

To see all the list of rankings ~ above one page, go to the oriental Drama Rankings 2016.


(Dramatop: korean Drama Rankings 2016 is a post series that ranks kdramas based on anda nationwide typical viewership ratings native Nielsen Korea. It includes in that ranking just prime time dramas that air native Monday to Saturday. We ensure the accuracy of our ranking result by collecting data straight from Nielsen Korea’s website and other trustworthy sources. If you have actually feedback or questions concerning the rankings and this post collection in general, you can send them to , blog post us via Facebook, or discuss the short article below.)


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