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Anda sedang menonton: The walking dead season 1


i really don"t understand the popularity of this series. IMO, it"s extremely slow in the action-department and spends means too much time on the touchy-feely BS v the characters.Who cares around character-development when the zombie are most likely gonna eat "em all in the end, anyway?I watched the first season come the end dari I"d currently paid for it, however for no other reason. No interest in maafkan saya came afterward.Not recommended.
5.0 the end of 5 bintang AWESOME an initial SEASON! real MAKE-UP and EFFECTS ~ above the zombies/walkers. You will have the ability to suspend your disbelief!

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The very first Season is all roughly amazing. We find diri thrown right into the dunia of some very strong characters and good writing. In this short and absolutely amazing season you will probably find yourself attached come over half a dozen characters. The interactions between our players comes off together real and it doesn"t ambil much to akan invested in them."The results are great. A the majority of attention and detail went into the zombie (walkers), and things didn"t come across as over-done. That looks choose real make-up and also prosthetics were tangan kedua and over there isn"t a most crappy CGI to traction you the end of the zone. The music, as soon as used, is good, yet there are a lot of silent bagian too in i m sorry you gain a sense of maafkan saya the setting would yes, really be like. Sometimes less is more and this display made great use the that. Castle didn"t ambil the shaky-camera cop-out, they tambahan didn"t exaggerate things to the suggest it looked unbelievable. They maintained it honest - as if castle sat around and pikiran - "what would this in reality look like" and kemudian showed that to united state as realistically together they could! I was able to suspend my disbelief and also get shed in the story!Another thing I evaluate is the in this season lock did not go the end of anda way to shot to make ruthlessly choose on religion. A particular survivor and also his son say a prayer over milik mereka meal ~ rescuing a stranger - its fast, short, and too the point. That was appreciated - the a family members that hanya so taken place to think in God to be able to keep to anda faith and also it was no big deal. The wasn"t excellent from a standpoint to try to prosyletize, it to be simple hanya in the show because that was that family"s beliefs. Too many brand-new shows ns watch go the end of dari mereka way to do cartoonishly awful religious characters once its clear it had nothing to do with the story line and also was hanya some crack-pot writer kedudukan on a soap box who wanted to throw his or she opinion in your confront - so really - the was really refreshing to watch something that was just about what it claims to be about - the walking Dead, and how a group of really like-able personalities come bersama to control in the face of that.