Coming in the spring Fest event is among the biggest presents in Honkai history. From january 24 to Mar 26, every captains will certainly be offered one S-Rank Valkyrie of dari mereka choice, free of charge. Alternatively, players can select to get 420 Ancient Willpower to spend in war Treasury.In this article, we will carry out recommendations because that individual Valkyries, based on dari mereka performance in the game. However first, di sini are some info to save in mind:

Yes, you deserve to pick Valkyries that you already own and also have lock converted into fragments. A duplicate Awakened valkyrie (in this case, Memento and Sixth Serenade) will provide 70 fragments, while Non-Awakened persons will provide 30.We would recommend all captains who have not done so, to reach anda 25 Dorm Supply pity pull. That the 11 current Dorm supply valkyries, 8 is offline in this event, and picking up any kind of of them would likely remove them from her choice. It is far more pengeluaran efficient to pick up a valkyrie you have actually not yet unlocked, fairly than going because that extra fragments.Captains should juga be aware that besides Shadow Knight and Sixth Serenade, the various other 6 bisa be unlocked with Land that Wishes (LoW). It is crucial to not just consider apa you right now have, but tambahan consider apa you can quickly unlock via LoW.We will administer recommendations ~ above Valkyries based exclusively on milik mereka in-game performance, and milik mereka position in the meta. However, if girlfriend love a valkyrie (that are not on ours list) for dari mereka appearance or playstyle, through all method go for it.This short article is written mostly based on the data dikumpulkan in spot 3.6, though we will point out some matters in CN 3.7 that are relevant to her decision.

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We would also want to provide Shadow article (SK)a spesial mention, together sheis the only valkyrie that is not obtainable with Memorial Arena (MA). In patch 3.7, SK will certainly be available for a minimal time in the battle Treasury for 7 weeks, at 14 old Willpower per frag, limited to 12 frags per week. This method you must spend as much as 168 ancient Willpower each week, an interpretation it is important to have actually willpower conserved up prior to patch 3.7. It also means that during this version, you can only collection 84 fragments, i m sorry is hanya enough to unlock SK yet not sufficient to rank her up, without additional sources that fragments.

Speaking of which, also coming in 3.7 is a security event, that will enable you come exchange for S rank pieces of her choosing. The exchange ratio is about 500 crystals spent for 1 totally free S location fragment. All of this details should be thought about when untuk membuat your decision.

Finally, to amount it all up, we have actually prepared two infographics that our recommended picks for both beginners and also experienced players. Feel cost-free to make her decision based upon them, or keep analysis on for much more in-depth info on why us made these recommendations, and why some valkyrie did not make the list. It is in warned, previous these infographicswill it is in a dinding of text.




Do not have all the valkyries? Prioritize maafkan saya you do not have. Choose SK if you prefer her. Kemudian LE>KMB>Phx> Meme/BR (whichever girlfriend have equipment for)Have all the valkyries? Prioritize apa you require to obtain to SS rank. If you favor SK and have ancient willpowers saved up, choose SK. Otherwise, Phx > Meme/BR (If aligned priority come meme) > KMB (SSS rank) > LE > 420 willpower.

There need to be three components in produksi your decision:

Which valkyrie do you favor the most?Which valkyrie is the paling competitive?Which valkyrie is most pengeluaran efficient?

There is no "perfect" selection for everyone. Many players will have different preference, progression, and also experience in the game. However, the following list of every the rewards featured in the occasion is put right into descending stimulate of priority in a an extremely general perspective.

Shadow article (Recommended rank: SS)


S: SK is one awkward valkyrie. She has a good leader skill that increases her team's element DMG through a an excellent amount and juga provides SP come non-Kiana/Mei/Bronya valkyries. This method that unfortunately, she's no to be leading the elemental valkyries LE and HoR in paling scenarios. Due to the meta, she's please behind in terms of DMG and sustainability. Also with Nuada's Revenge, she HF battlesuit outshines she SK battlesuit much more in kondisi of the wielder. She have the right to still be digunakan as a niche assistance for Elemental teams in Memorial Arena, but she's no longer vital for Vermillion Knight (VK) to be useful. VK's update leader ability promotes api DMG and also with the Might of An-Utu, she juga gains 30 early SP.SS: return in v3.7 the Captains will have the ability to farm 84 SK fragments, the is exceptionally unlikely that you will certainly have enough to location SK up to SS/SSS rank. Also if you have actually SK prior to this such that you will have the ability to rope in a bruto of 102 fragments (enough to location her approximately SS) through the end of v3.7, it's no advised to execute so. As stated before, she lacks the DMG (and mobility) to be viable sufficient in today's meta. So hanya do not bother ranking her up to SS rank.

She is very nilai effective; not being a long-term member the MA's shop buatlah her fragments more costly 보다 others. However, indigenous a competitive standpoint, SK is no longer the meta-defining juggernaut she to be a little an ext than a tahun ago. If friend already solid teams, or perform not significantly enjoy SK's playstyle, you room not encourage to choose SK.

Lightning Empress (Recommended rank: S)


S: at S rank, she isn't able to do lot other than provide SP and DMG krim from her leadership skill. She have the right to however, utilize the Mag-Typhoon to provide conductivity. The publikasi of Hawk the the Fog (HF), a optimal tier DPS in today's meta, outshines LE and Valkyrie Pledge (VP)in PSY Lightning DMG.SS: LE can ultimately be a suitable DPS now, but as said before, HF's substantial presence in the meta put LE bagian belakang into being a support.SSS: Is there any type of reason to continue ranking LE up? Yes, but only for those can want every advantage kelayakan in EX-Memorial Arena. Having an ext SP and total DMG Multiplier krim something vain players must seek for.

For costs, LE and KMB biaya more 보다 your median S rank in MA, differing from 12-18 willpower. IF BOTH room not unlocked AND you have not lengkap Land of wishes 1 (LoW1) yet, LE is the best choice for this event. This will leaves KMB unlocked with LoW1. Both LE and KMB are very solid competitive assistance valkyries in MA and occasionally digunakan as rusak dealers. However, LoW1 gives 30 frags in enhancement to a personality card, making it an ext valuable because that KMB, who has actually a very solid skill at SSS rank.

Knight Moonbeam (Recommended rank: SSS)


S: has actually an exceptional leader skill that gets much better as her ranks go up. She juga has a solid evasion skill which enables her come invoke time fracture on-demand. To have the ability to cause time fracture provides herself the place of an remarkable support already.SS: enables Herrscher of the Void (GK) to make use of her ss-rank locked common skill. GK herself is still a peak tier valkyrie but really demands this common skill to it is in viable.SSS: This is as soon as KMB can ultimately be viable. She gets 2 evasion charges at a much shorter cooldown. This permits her come be either a great DPS with the Positron Blastersor a top tier support. You desire an SSS location KMB nowadays anyway.

It is much much more preferable come unlock KMB with LoW1, however, for itu who perform not have actually LoW1 anymore, unlocking KMB through the event is your lanjut best option. As stated before, KMB fragments costs slightly much more than other farmable non-awaken valkyries, and also is encourage to location to SSS, produksi KMB an overall really desired choice.

Phoenix (Recommended rank: SS)


S: Phoenix isn't yes, really a solid DPS. She has a leader ability that permits Blood Rose, and she tambahan has a ability that strengthens she team's element DMG somewhat.SS: This is the desired rank because that Phoenix. She has two skills that she can maksimum out. One buffs her team's element DMG and also the other debuffs the opponents into taking much more Elemental DMG. Due to the fact that Elemental Valkyries that all tipe and aspects have more of a role in today's meta, SS-rank Phoenix is a must-have. Carry out keep in mind the she will be obtaining an awakened membentuk in v3.7. Adhering to the ahead trends, she's most likely to have a shared skill in ~ SS-rank together well.

Phx must only be preferred if you have actually secured both LE and KMB. This is because Phx is available through floor of desire 2 (LoW2). However, Phx is tambahan a very strong and equipment independent element support, so v valkyries such as LE and KMB currently unlocked, unlocking Phx must be your lanjut priority. Phx is also a really high priority candidate because that SS rank, making Phx the height pick because that captains v all other valkyries unlocked.

Memento (Recommended rank: SS)


S: v Frozen Naraka, meme is finally viable again in today's meta. She bekerja untuk for a great substitute because that HoR. However, at only S-rank, her usai meter builds up slowly, so carry out not expect any easy high scores from her.SS: This is the wanted rank because that Meme since she is able to generate usai Meter kapan she isn't out in the fight. In addition, penampilan her ultimate, sponsor her even more nanti to continue using her Combo Attacks much more often.

Having obtained a comprehensive facelift in 3.4, Memento is now a viable alternate to Herrscher of Reason (HoR), for both mobs clearing and also boss fights. New players can juga benefit native Meme to a good extent, return she demands Ice Epiphyllumor evenFrozen Naraka to completely function. This buatlah Meme a an excellent choice to unlock, noted you already have LE, KMB, and also Phx.

Meme is an awaken valkyrie which prices 9 ancient Willpower and also is limited to 8 pieces per week. It requires 100 fragments to unlock, which is indistinguishable to 900 Willpowers and also 12.5 weeks. This is lower than the biaya of unlocking a non-awaken valkyrie, i m sorry would bawa pulang 1120 Willpowers and 13.33 weeks to buy 80 fragments. This makes unlocking Meme pengeluaran ineffective.

However, picking a duplicate valkyrie card for an awaken valkyrie nets 70 fragments. When compared to the 30 the non-awaken valkyries, that is a 630 Willpowers and also 8.75 weeks compared to 420 Willpowers and 5 weeks. This buatlah using the event to help reach the much preferred SS rank is very nilai effective compared to the non-awaken counterpart.

Blood mawar (Recommended rank: SS)


S: BR is a lot choose Meme today. She's a niche DPS that works well but only in specific situations. BR has actually risen back to gift viable since summer 2019's arrival of Thales and Surtr. She have the right to do lot of of DMG relying on the stage and enemies. And just like Meme, she cannot execute well for lengthy periods the time at just S-rank. She relies greatly on ELF JingWei's Wings and/or Divine Prayer for heals after lihat her own ultimate, assuming over there aren't any health packs.SS: This is the desired rank for BR. She gains accessibility to a slight health recovery after she finishes ulting. This enables the player to cycle in between valks there is no needing to concern too much about BR's hp also often. In addition, she gains accessibility to secondary DMG-boosting ability and an ext igniting. In ~ SS-rank, BR deserve to output many of DMG for longer periods of time.

What was stated of Meme uses for BR. It will largely come down to which you enjoy bermain more, and also which friend have equipment for, together both room quite equipment dependent.

Sixth Serenade


S: 6S has unfortunately been the end of the loop because that a lengthy time. Kapan she is fun to bermain with. She's only a niche DPS. She lacks enough DMG to do anything as well impactful exterior of Agony Tier. She's hanya only good for fights that have more than one enemy, so only when encountering MA's Legion the Padrinos would 6S be a an ideal option.SS: This is 6S's desired rank. She is maybe to get SP lot faster and she benefit 50% an ext elemental DMG throughout her ult. Yet even in ~ SS-rank, she's still only thought about in Red Lotus Dirac Sea/ Q-Singularis when the weather buffs she DMG. External of that, not many situations where 6S would be called upon increases. However, as mentioned before, v3.7 will certainly be publication a PRI-ARMTranquil Arias. Possibly with the arrival of this weapon, her ar in the meta will certainly improve. Just time will tell...

Both 6S and, the following valkyrie, DB have to be just chosen for collection purposes. In any practical script at the moment, the is much better to unlock or rank up any kind of other valkyrie listed.

Dimension Breaker


S: There really isn't lot for DB to execute nowadays. Personal from she alright leader skill, she have the right to invoke a small aoe time lock to a target(s) at any time she switches in. She's no really encourage to it is in a choice at all.SS: This is worth in having actually an SS-Rank DB however. Herrscher that Reason (HoR) has a SS-Rank locked common skill the unlocks once DB get SS-rank. Due to the fact that HoR is a top-tier valkyrie, having her SS-ranked shared skill unlock is lot to be desired.

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What about the 420 Willpowers?


It is not worth getting this option. Its only 2 upsides are: to be able to get variasi different pieces from war treasury in ~ the same waktu and to be able to farm specific valkyrie(s) frags the aren't in the gift kemudian as Violet Executer(augmented together Twilight Paladin)and Molotov Cherry. External of that, 420 Willpowers can not be invested quickly because of the spending constraints per valkyrie fragments per week.